Always On My Mind

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Always On My Mind

Faith Wilding has a secret that nobody knows except one man. He is not just any man but one that has come to mean so much to her. He has been her best friend for years and one week her lover. Mark Halloran is everything she wants in a man for he is strong, courageous, drop-dead gorgeous and a Special Operations leader. Unlike other people they communicate through their minds. Through their telepathic ability they can say anything to each other that they would never say face-to-face. Though they can communicate Faith never thought she could feel Marks pain or strong emotions like she is getting ever since he spoke to her in pain and heartache. Mark is in pain, very badly and Faith knows it is up to her to find the man she loves. Everything they have been through is tested at this time and she knows if she fails it would be the last time she would ever hear Mark. He is her rock, soulmate and Faith knows that she will do anything for him, even risk her life. Can she get to Mark in time before someone evil gets to him?

Mark Halloran is a Special Ops leader who works hard yet regrets that he never told Faith Wilding he loves her in person. As a teenager he always thought she was special and knowing that she shared the same telepathic ability as her was a surprise. Though they remain best friends Mark knows that he can never put Faith into the life he has led. He has been on dangerous missions, countries and places that have never been spoken off, seen things that no person should witness something that should never enter in Faith's life. He has always loved her but he is man dedicated to his job. One mission gone bad and he vows that if he ever gets out alive he will not lose anymore days with the woman he loves deeply. It is her love that is making him go through the pain and torture of the terrorists. Can he stay alive to see Faith's face one more time?

Oh my god this is one so worth buying. The title is greatly named and the author is in one word wow. Yes I am speechless for this story was emotional, beautifully written and right from the start you can tell this is a love that no terrorist or death can break. The author did a beautiful job in introducing me as a reader The Lotus Circle, a newer organization that not many people know about. Not only were the characters remarkable, but also you learn about the Special Ops, The Delta Force and all the working of what is going on without sounding like a history book. Honestly, this is a great book and so worth the price for once I started reading at 11:00 pm I couldn't put it down. Even once I finished it was still on my mind. I was so moved by the strong emotions going through each characters and I hope that there will be more like this novel from Judith Rochelle. I would love to know more about the characters like the whole Phoenix group, hunky ex-ops that will make you wonder about their own story. This book has it all romance, telepathic abilities, passion and that soul binding romance that comes only once in a lifetime. All of this is in one book that is definitely a keeper for this reader.

Book Blurb for Always On My Mind

As teenagers Faith Wilding and Mark Halloran discovered they could communicate telepathically. For most of their lives it’s been their private way to send messages, especially when a long weekend brought home the realization that their friendship had become something far more complex. But Faith is busy building a career as a successful author of political thrillers and Mark, a Special Operations team leader, is concerned with the covert missions he leads.


Now someone has betrayed their latest mission, most of his team has been killed and Mark has been captured. His telepathic messages to Faith are his only chance for help. But powerful forces want to sweep the whole episode under the rug and will do anything to make that happen—including killing Faith.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00