Puppy Love

"Puppy Love" is a cute, short story that sincerely marvels at the innocence of childhood and the gut-deep feeling of belonging that everyone aspires to, whether in romantic or familial relationships. Rudi, the canine protagonist, is the classic big dog in a mini-pup body and has his own distinct personality, along with the other human characters. Jason is the slightly gruff male lead, who's protective instincts towards his son, Cody, Rudi, and, quickly, Emerald, lends a very heart-felt tone to the story early on. For her part, I thought Emerald was a very classy lady, with a huge heart that simply couldn't keep from loving those around her. And that is exactly what both Cody and Jason needed in their life, at exactly the right time. Is it any wonder then that they `felt' like a family so quickly?

Though I loved the rather kismet storyline (and, of course, our main canine cupid), I did feel that the writing was different in that, versus conversation, the author seemed to narrate much of what happens, from how the couple talk on the phone to when Cody helps in the backyard. I would have liked a bit more one-on-one connection with the characters, which I believe can only be gained through discussions, or at least more internal dialogue. However, if this is not an issue for your tastes, this will hardly detract from the story. The characters are fully believable, the essential "meet cute" moment is very present here, and the action moves at a steady, if not suspenseful pace. Overall, "Puppy Love" turned out to be a sweet, inspirational romance in under 70 pages, through the antics of a mischievous puppy, outside forces, and that capricious thing, Fate. A nice, quick addition to a soft or traditional romance lover. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Puppy Love

Emerald Douglas has fallen head over heels in love with the puppy she found on her doorstep. Oscar fills an empty space in her life and heart. That is, until a chance sighting of a lost dog poster in the park changes everything. Emerald knows she must do the right thing—she just isn’t sure what that is.

Cody Martin isn’t sure what to make of the woman standing on his doorstep. And Emerald is not prepared for the man’s heart-stopping good looks or his son’s tremendous joy at being reunited with his furry companion.

Can one small puppy lead three people on the path to becoming a family?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 3.75