Enchanted Reunion

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Enchanted Reunion

Alison was not your typical high school student. She was overweight and had an addiction to books and chess. She definitely was not popular, but did manage to connect with a few friends. One friend in particular was Willy. Willy was a science geek with a deep love for old musicals. He was definitely someone she could talk to about anything. Convinced that taking a walk down memory lane would not be so bad, Alison takes a chance and attends her reunion.

Enchanted Reunion was a reminiscent story for this reviewer. Alison's decision whether to attend her high school reunion is something that at one time or another we have asked ourselves. The author provokes the reader to think back to those fun and difficult school years and envision what those people may look like now or where their lives have taken them. Can two high school friends discover an opportunity for love the second time around? Enchanted Reunion is definitely enchanting and well worth the read.

Book Blurb for Enchanted Reunion

When Alison decides to attend her high school reunion, she's looking forward to seeing the three friends she's lost touch with. Nita and Cassie were her closest gal-pals, and science-geek Willy, the boy she could talk to about anything in the world, had always saved her from being a wallflower at school dances.

What's more, now she's a new and improved version of the chubby, nerdy girl of twenty years ago. Who knows, maybe she'll rate a second glance from her class's sexy bad boy, Kenneth.

Reunions bring surprises, and Alison finds she's not the only one who's changed. Just who is that gorgeous guy walking across the school gym toward her?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2007 4.50