Dangerous to Know

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Dangerous to Know

Mike Wendell has been recruited to track down a ring of thieves that have stolen precious artwork. But when Karin walks into his office begging him to help her find her kidnapped sister little did Mike expect that the two cases would become intertwined and that they would be thrust into a dangerous game of betrayal, spies and cold blooded criminals.

I sadly admit that I had a really hard time making a connection with this story. Although the first few pages did spark my interest, the further I delved into the story the more I found myself becoming less engrossed in the novel. There was one instance in the book where I felt there was a contradiction with the statement regarding the heroine's use of self defense. In the very beginning it states that she used her self defense skills to protect herself from being raped, in another section of the story it indicated she had never used her skills. I tend to overlook these little things, but this was significant enough to convince this reviewer that this was the beginning of the end for me.

I really enjoyed Mike's character very much and the author did a good job describing his history, but I felt that there was more emotion penned into the secondary character than the lead female character. The storyline did have noteworthy elements that were capable of producing a very good suspenseful and romantic story, however, I personally felt that the entire plot was just too predictable and that the way the story unraveled made it hard for this reader to swallow.

Book Blurb for Dangerous to Know

Mike Wendell lives on the knife-edge. He knows his world is dangerous and he wants to keep Karin out of it, because once before he lost the woman he loved, but she is determined to find her missing sister - and she is falling in love. Drawn together by a burning need and desire that won't be denied, they are plunged into a web of intrigue. Caught up in a world of spying, art theft and ruthless criminals, can they solve the mystery and find a new life together?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2007 2.75