Tessa's Teacakes

Sweet Treats Bakery

Determined to save her brother in law, Tessa Spencer, sneaks past the police into the Mount Ridge Crisis Center. She's ready to take on Brent's abductor, with or without their help. She's not ready for the effect Colin Phillips, the new officer on the team, has on her or on her plans to move to New York City and the fast paced and adventurous life she hopes to live there.

Colin Phillips transferred from the SWAT team in Atlanta to the quiet town of Mount Ridge hoping to get over his younger sister's brutal murder. He's looking for a quiet and safe future, not one where he has to worry about an impulsive woman whose actions remind him of his unpredictable sister. While Colin is attracted to Tessa's love of life and sense of adventure, he can do without her willingness to rush into danger. He can't cope with losing someone else. He's determined to keep his heart closed where Tessa is concerned.

Tessa's Teacakes by Mary Manners is the heartwarming third installment in her Sweet Treats Bakery series. While this could be read as a standalone book, I would recommend reading the previous two stories, Kate's Kisses and Grace's Gold, in order to better understand the relationships between the main character and her sisters. This story begins roughly a year after the events in Grace's Gold concluded.

Tessa Spencer is an attractive young woman, the youngest of four sisters and is a part owner of the family bakery, Sweet Treats. Having lost her parents when she was young, Tessa was raised by her older sisters and longs for a chance to prove herself. Realizing her sisters still see her as a little girl, she secretly seeks employment in New York City. She wants a chance to experience the hustle and bustle of a large city and have a chance for some adventure. She doesn't have time for love or men, and never planned on falling in love with the new cop in town.

Colin Phillips left Atlanta in an attempt to forget about his younger sister's murder. An officer in the SWAT team, he now longs for a quiet life in a small town where he can get away from it all. He wants to forget and has no intentions on falling in love. He didn't plan on being attracted to someone who would remind him of his sister's sense of adventure.

The scenes between Tessa and Colin are well written, they're instantly attracted to each other but neither wants to acknowledge the attraction. As events continue to place them in each other's company, Tessa and Colin find themselves becoming friends who share their deepest thoughts and feelings. Colin shares about the loss of his sister and his new issues with faith, while Tessa shares about her parent's death and her desire to prove herself. I really enjoyed how Ms. Manners had them sharing their issues with each other and how they were able to provide insight into each other's problems. They grew together in a relaxed and comfortable way.

Will Colin be able to share how he really feels with Tessa before she heads to New York? And will Tessa finally realize that everything she wants is home in Mount Ridge? You'll have to read Tessa's Teacakes to find out. I enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next book in the series, Mattie's Melt ways.

Book Blurb for Tessa's Teacakes

Tessa, the youngest Spencer sister--and the most impulsive--rushes into the Mount Ridge crisis center bent on saving her brother-in-law. She's ready to handle Brent's abductor, with or without help. What she's not ready to handle is the effect policeman, Colin Phillips, has on her. Romance is the last thing on Tessa's mind. She longs for the adventure and fast-pace of New York City, not being tied to Mount Ridge and a man who insists she shouldn't be so impetuous. After all "independent spirit" is what Tessa does best!

Colin transferred from the police force in Atlanta in order to find closure after the brutal murder of his younger sister. He wants a nice, safe future, not one filled with caring and worrying about another impulsive woman. His sister was na‹ve and unpredictable, and while Colin is drawn to Tessa's spunk and vitality, her willingness to rush into danger scares him. No way could he cope with another devastating loss. His heart must remain closed where Tessa is concerned.

But God has His own plans...and His own way of changing hearts and cultivating love.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 4.00