Midnight in Legend, TN

Ladies of Legend

Leaving her ex-husband, the big city and her corporate job behind, Midnight Shelby is staring over. Not knowing where she’s headed, she happens across an amazing website for a small real estate company in Legend, Tennessee. Once she sees the virtual tour of a large two story brick building on Main Street she falls in love with both the building and the possibilities for a new life. She didn’t plan on falling in love with her real-estate agent.

Martin McClain has lived in Legend all of his life. His family has lived there for generations and he feels duty bound to protect its legacy, partly because of his thirteen-year-old son, Daniel. While the website that Daniel created has been good for business, Martin remains cautious about newcomers and their agendas. Daniel’s absent mother has burned him once, and he refuses to be burned again.

With an eye towards Daniel’s future, Midnight and Martin start to work together and realize that even though they come from different backgrounds and starting points, their destination is the same: home.

Midnight in Legend, TN by Magdalena Scott is a sweet and charming story about second chances. Both the heroine and hero have been burned badly in previous relationships and are reluctant to even think about the opposite sex. The town of Legend itself is in need of a second chance, the factory that had been in town and employed many of the townspeople had closed and the town’s economy was suffering.

Midnight Shelby is a strong character, attractive, smart and determined to start over. Her marriage of 20 years failed because she and her ex-husband no longer wanted the same things. Determined to change everything in her life, she leaves the big city behind and moves to a small town in Tennessee. She’s not looking for romance, in fact she’s bought a small male voodoo doll and sticks pins in it every time that she remembers her ex and what he put her through.

Martin McClain is a fun hero. He’s good-looking and reluctantly successful as a real-estate agent. He doesn’t trust anyone knew in town because of his past experiences. His ex-wife left town when the factory she worked for closed and moved somewhere else, she had no interest in staying in Legend with her husband or small son. Martin is a survivor, he’s picked up the pieces of his life but he’s unwilling to give any woman a chance to hurt him, or his teenage son. When he meets Midnight, he’s attracted to her but refuses to act on it.

The scenes between Midnight and Martin are fun and full of romantic tension. They both want what’s best for both Daniel and Legend. Being new to town, Midnight makes friends fast and realizes that many of the townswomen feel the same way she does; they have to re-vitalize Legend in order to survive and have a chance to build a legacy for the town’s children. Midnight is a go-getter and quickly comes up with a plan that will revitalize the town’s open businesses and bring in tourists from out of town. At first, Martin doesn’t like the plan but soon he realizes that she is serious about wanting what is best for Legend and that she won’t abandon the town like other’s have in the past.

The secondary characters are well done and make good contributions to the story. I especially liked Daniel McClain, Martin’s son, whose talent with computers and websites bodes well for his future. I also liked Becky McClain, Martin’s secretary and cousin by marriage, who became one of Midnight’s friends right away and was a big help with her plans. I also enjoyed meeting Suzie Schul, the owner of Legend’s only Bed and Breakfast and quite the cook.

The ending is just right and leaves both Midnight and Martin in a good spot. I look forward to reading the next story in the Ladies of Legend series.  

Book Blurb for Midnight in Legend, TN

Midnight Shelby is starting over. She’s leaving her ex-husband, the big city, and corporate life behind. She doesn’t know where she’s going until she happens upon an amazing website advertising real estate in Legend, Tennessee. The virtual tour of a large two-story big brick building on the main street makes her fall in love, with the building...and with the potential for a new life.

She has no idea she’ll also fall in love with the realtor who sells her the property.

Martin McClain was born and raised in the Legend area. His family has lived there for genera-tions, and he feels a duty to preserve it. Part of the reason is his thirteen-year-old son Daniel. The web site Daniel created has been good for business, but although Martin is a real estate agent by trade, he’s wary of newcomers’ motivations. With good reasons—one of them being Daniel’s absent mother.

For love of Legend, and with an eye toward Daniel’s future, Midnight and Martin begin to work together, and learn that in spite of their different starting points, their destination is the same: Home.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.00