Home Sweet Legend

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Home Sweet Legend

A Ladies of Legend Novella

I loved this novella by Magdalena Scott; it’s a sweet romance with just a little bit of spice and is part of the “Ladies of Legend” series by a group of authors. This novella can be read as a stand alone book, it’s not necessary to read the rest of the series first. The characters are well written and the plot moved at a very comfortable pace. This story truly brings out nostalgia about living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone else and where the community comes together to help each other achieve the best.

Chloe McClain is an artist with a plan, she wants to rehab one of the older buildings in town into becoming her art gallery where she would not only work on her art but also display her art. She’s a hometown girl who has come home to “give back” to her community. The problem is that the building is a total wreck and she has a short time frame in which the work needs to get done.   Her cousin Mike works for “Deluxe Home Improvements” a newer business in town and it is suggested that she hire them. Chloe is a woman who knows what she wants ….and she wants what she wants and won’t settle for anything less.

Greg Andrews is a contractor with a past and he doesn’t think much of women. When he is approached by Chloe to take on her renovation job, he’s dead set against it. He would rather tear the building down and build from scratch- but that’s not how things are done in Legend, Tennessee and he is slowly coming to understand that. He is immediately attracted to Chloe but also thinks that she is a difficult person and perhaps somewhat crazy with her demands that the project be completed in 30 days. He basically blows off the job until he is confronted by Mike, who points out that in Legend the McClains have a long and powerful reach that can make or break a business and so far the McClains have gone out of their way to help him. 

Once Greg accepts the job and starts the work with his crew, Chloe decides that she owes it to society to teach him a lesson in manners and that women are good for more than just the bedroom. Little does she know that they are both going to learn things about themselves during her “lessons”. The interaction between the characters is really great as they come into contact with each other on a daily basis and you can see the attraction continue to build and heat up. The contributions from the supporting cast are also very well written. 

The story has a happy for now ending and I’m really looking forward to what the authors that write this series bring. I’m hoping that we get to see both Greg and Chloe again as I would like to know how their story continues. I definitely plan to read the rest of the series that is already published.

Book Blurb for Home Sweet Legend

CATEGORY: Contemporary Romance, Ladies of Legend.
ELEMENTS: Adult Situations and Moderate Sexual Content.
HEAT LEVEL:  Emerald
LENGTH: Novella
This is Chloe McClain's big chance, and she won't let Greg Andrews ruin it. All she needs Greg for is his superior skill as a building contractor. The job--renovate a vintage building into the art gallery she envisions. She's even drawn up the plans for him. Now if he could just check his considerable ego at the door, everything would be fine?
Greg can't take his eyes off Chloe, an artistic spitfire who's clueless as to what she's asking him to do. No way can he bring the run-down pile of bricks up to code in thirty days, let alone turn it into a classy art gallery for a big-deal showing of her paintings. No possible way.
But when you live in Legend, Tennessee, there are certain things to remember. People in Legend pull together. Community before self. And you never want to make a McClain angry-even the cute females.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 5.00