Golden Heart

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Golden Heart

Jamie Christopher is a young man with many things on his plate. He has a mother who has been disabled in the automobile accident that killed his father; he’s working to keep the 2 family businesses afloat and is involved in a somewhat casual affair with a local nurse. He has a generous heart and tries to help those that need assistance. Jamie does have some emotional baggage; the drunk driver who killed his father managed to flee before justice could be served, he and his mother did receive an insurance settlement, however this incident is not really closed in Jamie’s heart. His parent’s accident also kept Jamie from being able to finish his training to become a landscaper, which would be financially beneficial to both he and his mother.
Jamie gets a very lucky break when a famous and rich advertising executive takes an interest in his mother’s flower shop and starts to frequent the place. Martino Ortona is in Florida due to his wife’s health, they recently purchased a very nice home and he is interested in the local businesses of the area. Jean Christopher is clearly the role model for Jamie’s generous heart, she has befriended Martino and this leads to Martino hiring Jamie to work on his garden, sight unseen. It is while Jamie is working in the garden that Martino realizes that Jamie has the face and figure that he wants for a large advertising campaign for a new client. He and Jamie work out the details to enable Jamie to leave his mother‘s side for 3 weeks to become a model.
Jamie’s experiences as a beginning model are very entertaining, from the cougar like account executive to the somewhat crazy hair stylist who wants to shave Jamie’s shoulder length hair. His adventures kept me turning the pages.   Jamie’s generosity of spirit leads him to provide a temporary haven to a young woman who in turn leads him to locate his father’s killer. Jamie is able to provide the police with the man’s location and there is a resolution to that aspect of his life. However, as the saying goes “No good deed goes unpunished” and his generosity also back fires when the young woman he helped turns into an unstable stalker in his life. It is this young woman’s behavior that finally forces Jamie to realize that he is no longer satisfied with his casual affair with Cyndi, the local nurse who is helping him with his mother and it is very rewarding to watch their relationship change and grow.
If I have any complaints with this story it is that Ms. Hoffman almost made Jamie too good. His “golden heart” made him somewhat naïve and that did come back and bite him a few times. Other than that this was a very fun book to read and also highlighted that fate does have a way of rewarding the generous. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Hoffman writes next.

Book Blurb for Golden Heart

GOLDEN HEART tells the story of Jamie, a landscaper-gardener. When one of his clients, an advertising tycoon, sees him, he realizes Jamie would be ideal for a new advertising campaign.

We follow Jamie on this unusual path into a profession hitherto unknown to him. He has many adventures, mostly amusing, but one very serious.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.00