Falling For You

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Falling For You

Wanting to mend her broken heart, Heather Grant and her two young sons move back to Cedar Point, her hometown. Heather never expected her car to act up after her job interview at a new law firm in town. She also didn't expect to fall for the dangerous bad-boy mechanic who helped her with her car.

All Cooper Gerhardt wants is a year to get over his hockey injuries and live a normal life. Taking a regular job as a mechanic is just one step in that direction. He never realized he would find himself so attracted to a woman he helped with her car.

Will two people with pasts full of pain and regret be able to love again? Can they learn to trust? Or will the past destroy their second chance at happiness?

Falling for You by Linda Engman is a sexy and delightful romance about taking another chance on love. With primary and secondary characters that are likeable and occasionally funny, Ms.Engman's story captured my attention and never let go. Giving her characters real everyday problems, this author's take on modern romance gives her story a bit of realism which adds to the charm.

Heather Grant is a great female lead character. She's had a horrible year; becoming a widow and discovering her husband's secrets have been a huge emotional burden. Having to become both mother and father to her two sons, Heather headed home to Cedar Point where she grew up and where her parents and her younger sister still live. It's been a huge adjustment to go from the sunny warmth and sunshine of sunny California to the much colder and overcast skies of Michigan. Needing to find a job to support her family, she sets out on a series of interviews at different law firms, while secretly hoping to become partners with her sister's boss, Amber Bradley. Forgetting about the temperature differences and about car maintenance in the north, Heather finds herself stuck between interviews with a vehicle that won't start. When a stranger comes to her rescue, she's surprised by her immediate attraction to someone who doesn't fit the mold of her past. Will Heather be able to overlook her damaged past and become a part of her future with her sons?

Cooper Gerhardt is a troubled character. Famous for his ability on the ice with the Detroit Red Wings, he's incapable of handling his private life. When an injury forces him to take time off the ice, he finally faces the truth of a failed relationship and heads home to Cedar Point, his hometown, with plans to heal his body and make changes in his life. His first change is to take a temporary job as a mechanic for J.T. Craig at Craig's Auto Repair. While Cooper's physical injuries are healing, his emotional journey is far from over. Taking a personal vow of "no women" in his life for at least a year, he's a little upset to find himself helping a woman with her car and being attracted to her at the same time.

The scenes between Heather and Cooper are great. They both have a lot of issues which need to be dealt with before they can have any kind of relationship. The first issue being trust - they've both been caught off guard by the betrayal of the person they trusted. Neither is sure they even know how to trust themselves or their judgment. Ms. Engman did an excellent job of handling both Heather's and Cooper's trust issues. Heather needs a person who is dependable and trustworthy because of her two young sons, while Cooper needs a loving and trustworthy person because of his less than happy childhood and past. Plus they both have to decide what they want in their future--will Heather's sons want a new man in their lives to replace their father and can Heather accept that Cooper's a professional athlete with all that brings to the table?

The secondary characters in this story are all well written, from Heather's parents and younger sister, Brook, who's a successful paralegal to Amber Bradley, Heather's new law partner, who's engaged to marry Cooper's "boss" at the garage, J.T. Craig. Plus we get to meet Heather's sons, Travis and Trey, who turn out to be quite the little matchmakers when Cooper becomes their temporary hockey coach. I really enjoyed reading the interaction between Heather, Cooper, and the two boys. Ms. Engman did a great job with including the children and making them a real part of the story.

The conclusion of the story was somewhat dramatic; at first I was worried that I would not be happy with how Heather and Cooper's story and romantic dilemma was resolved. However, Ms. Engman gave them the perfect ending. While this is not setup as a series, the secondary characters, Amber Bradley and J.T. Craig were the primary characters in a previous release titled, I've Got You. I'm hoping that we'll get another story set in Cedar Point with Heather's sister, Brook Spencer as the female lead. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Engman's work.

Book Blurb for Falling For You

Recently widowed and looking to mend her broken heart, attorney Heather Grant, and her two young sons move back to her hometown of Cedar Point. The last thing she expects is to fall for a mysterious and dangerously good-looking mechanic with a devilish smile and six-pack abs.

The only thing hockey star, Cooper Gerhardt wanted was a year to heal his injuries, the chance to have a regular job and some semblance of a normal life. That is until he came to the aid of Heather. He finds himself fighting to resist her drop-dead gorgeous, sinful body and touch of vulnerability.

They both have pasts filled with pain and regret. Can they learn to trust and love again—or will they let the past destroy their second chance for happiness?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 4.50