Assassins in Love

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Assassins in Love

Assassins Guild, #1

An independent and unsanctioned assassin, Rikki, is careful about any job she undertakes. Getting caught mid job, with a dead man at your feet, wasn’t a part of Rikki’s plans. Neither was falling for a fellow assassin.

Misha, a member of the Assassins Guild, always follows the rules. Convincing a rogue assassin to join the guild or give up her guns shouldn’t be much of a challenge. Falling in love with her was never a part of his plan.

When a new client seems too good to be true, and a little too anxious, will Rikki and Misha work together and uncover the truth?

Assassins in Love is a fun and fast paced futuristic Sci-Fi romance by Kris DeLake. The first book in the Assassins Guild series, it’s a good introduction to a world where space travel is an everyday thing. With likeable characters, a little mystery and some suspense, Ms. DeLake’s story captured my attention from the very first page.

A loner who doesn’t like to play by anyone else’s rules, Rikki is a rogue assassin who likes the freedom of choosing her clients. Careful about accepting any new job, she makes sure she stays off the radar and completes her jobs within the boundaries of the Netherworld – a neutral territory between her society’s two ruling governments. I liked how Ms. DeLake developed Rikki’s character; young, beautiful and in top physical shape, she’s somewhat of a risk taker and doesn’t like following anyone else’s rules. Even though she’s an assassin by trade, Rikki enjoys being her own boss and deciding what jobs she’s willing to undertake. She only accepts targets she knows deserve their fate.

The golden boy of the Assassin’s Guild, Misha is determined to track down the rogue assassin who’s been his life difficult, by mimicking his style, lately. Surprised to discover he has a history with Rikki, Misha is determined she will either join the guild and become a legitimate assassin or find another career. He wasn’t planning on being attracted to her or on wanting to keep her safe. Ms. DeLake did a good job with Misha’s character; he’s attractive, intelligent and careful about following the rules of his trade and the Assassin’s Guild. When he finds himself attracted to Rikki, he’s surprised at the depth of emotion she brings out in him, and on how addicted he becomes to being with her.

The scenes between Rikki and Misha are great; they have great physical and verbal chemistry. While there is some miscommunication between them at first, and they both have trust issues, neither one can deny their attraction to the other. When Rikki finally learns Misha true identity and what he wants, she’s definitely not a happy camper and flees, which results in Misha pursuing her across space.

Ms. DeLake added an interesting twist to the story by having Misha and Rikki’s past interest when they were both children, as they get to know each other better and Rikki becomes willing to hear everything Misha has to tell her, we discover just how important of a part Misha paid in her early life. I really enjoyed watching them learn to trust one another, which really becomes important when a new client wants Rikki to accept a new assignment.

When the assignment is someone Misha knows and whose position of power within the Assassin’s Guild makes them a high profile target, Rikki plans to turn down her new client’s request. Misha surprises her when he asks her to accept the assignment and work with him on discovering the identity of her new and mysterious client. Agreeing to work together, Misha and Rikki will both have to be very careful so they can keep both the target, and themselves, alive.

Will Rikki’s temporary entrance into the secret location of the Assassin’s Guild draw out her client before she becomes a target herself? And will Misha be able to keep the woman he loves alive? You’ll have to read Assassins in Love to find out. I enjoyed it and I think you will too. I can’t wait to see which assassin get’s to be in the next story.

Book Blurb for Assassins in Love

Two brilliant assassins in a fascinating futuristic world need each other to finish one more job before calling it quits in the highly respected killing business. But it's more of a challenge than either expected. A series of mishaps plagues their every move, and if it's not Misha helping Rikki with a bungled getaway, then it's Rikki helping Misha to hide some damning evidence. They can't seem to get anything right... except for the way they feel about each other.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00