Wild Licks

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Wild Licks

Sequel to Taking The Lead

I totally fell in love with this book. In my book, the steamier the better.

In “Wild Licks” we get Gwen and Mal. They knew each other because of the band he is a part of as well as the kink community.

The only issue is Mal and his commitment to Gwen. Mal is the type of man that loves and gets scared when he feels he is dangerous to the person he loves.

Gwen loves with her whole heart. She knew she loved Mal and was just waiting for him. But she knew that her heart could only take so much. When he leaves her for the last time she finally decides to try and move on. When they are put together for a music video both Mal and Gewn realize they need each other to be whole.

I loved this book. The author makes you root for her female lead and want to bash the male lead over the head.

I cannot wait to read more.

Book Blurb for Wild Licks

Pleasure knows no bounds . . .

Gwen Hamilton is always looking for a thrill. Not even running a secret BDSM club can fulfill her true desires. It's only when she's backstage at a rock concert and attracts the eye---and experienced hands---of guitarist Mal Kennealy that she finds that perfect combination of danger and excitement she's been craving. Calling herself "Excrucia," she revels in his uncompromising dominance each night. And yet by day, he knows her only as Gwen, his new escort for public appearances.

Excrucia blows Mal's mind with her enthusiastic submission to his harshest commands. Even though he has a reputation for never seeing the same woman twice, he can't help being tempted by the woman willing to fulfill his every fantasy. And when Mal discovers that Gwen---the sweet arm candy designed to soften his surly public image---is really Excrucia, he never wants to let her go. Finally he can indulge his absolute power. But dancing too recklessly on the razor's edge could cut deeper than he bargained for . . .

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.50