Opening Act

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Opening Act

Encore Series, #1 / A Rock and Roll Romance

I actually liked the book. The storyline was a bit slow and I didn't like the characters too much. I wish the author would have written Loni as a character with a spine and had Shay save her. Overall the characters did fit the plot that the author wanted to write and it did made this an interesting read.

Shay thought he was on top of the world. He is the front man in a band that is just starting to get famous. He didn't think that losing himself in a relationship was worth it. He met a woman who completely changed his outlook. However a misunderstanding made them both go in different directions. But with the help of friends they were thrown back together.

Loni thought she wanted to be a professor and teach poetry. She always loved poetry and thought that she could help others learn to love it like her. Meeting Shay was a curve ball in her plans. But she always knew that one day they would meet again and maybe have a better round two at being together.

Book Blurb for Opening Act

NO WOMAN CAN RESIST SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE SHAY, front man for the hot new band everyone’s talking about. When best friends Zee and Loni meet him after a concert, Zee practically throws herself at him. But not Loni. A smart and savvy literature student, Loni wants a man with brains, not bravado. So when Shay goes for her instead, she wants no part of it.

Now Shay can’t get Loni out of his mind. Even as he gears up for the national tour that’s sure to launch him to stardom, Shay is compelled to see the poetry-quoting beauty again before he hits the road. Despite her initial brush off, he feels there could be something between them. Not a one-night gig, but something real.

The very different paths Shay and Loni are on should never have crossed. But they did. And there’s no going back. Everything and everyone in their lives are pulling them apart. Can love bring them back together?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 3.50