Midnight Sacrifice

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Midnight Sacrifice

The Midnight Series, #2

Mandy is trying to move on with her life. She has a secret to keep and does not want anyone to know about it because she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. But she never thought about how a stranger coming to town could change that. How one person would change her whole perception of her life, family and what is actually important to her.

Danny entered a quiet town on the hunt for a man. His sister was living in fear of that man and he wanted her not to live in fear anymore. He did not care what he had to do to help his sister sleep better at night, but all he knew was that he would do whatever it took to make it happen. He just never figured in meeting a woman that would change his life.

Throughout the book there was always the hidden chemistry between Danny and Mandy. But they were too focused on their own lives and what they were looking for to truly see what was going on between them. They did get closer to each other as the book went on. They were able to start trusting each other with exactly what they were looking for and how they wanted things to go. They also finally started letting themselves feel their feelings towards the other person. It was an amazing read to watch the characters chemistry develop with each other.

I have always enjoyed the books written Melinda Leigh. I definitely was not disappointed with this book. It was a great companion to the first book. I highly recommend to read any book by Melinda Leigh and this series. I am on the edge of my seat waiting for the next book written by Ms. Leigh.

Book Blurb for Midnight Sacrifice

The chilling sequel to Midnight Exposure

One by one, people are mysteriously disappearing from a small Maine town.

Four months ago, a ruthless murderer killed two people and kidnapped three more, including Danny Sullivan’s sister, who barely escaped. Unfortunately so did the killer, vanishing without a trace into the vast wilderness. When the police fail to find his sister's captor, Danny returns to Maine to hunt him down.

He begins his search with another survivor, bed and breakfast owner Mandy Brown, but her refusal to cooperate raises Danny’s suspicions. What is the beautiful innkeeper hiding?

Mandy Brown has a secret. But sexy Danny Sullivan, his relentless questions, and the desire that simmers between them threaten to expose the truth. A revelation that puts her family in danger. As more people disappear, it becomes clear the killer is planning another ritual…and that he’s circling in on Mandy.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2013 4.50