Autumn Lover

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Autumn Lover

I have to say that this book was quite a surprise for me to read. I did not think I would have enjoyed it as much as I did. It was however a struggle to get through, but in the end I am glad that I read it.

Elyssa is the owner of a ranch that raises cows and breeds horses. She is an orphan with only a family friend to watch over her. She is in charge of a few men who are trying to help her keep her ranch afloat. She will do anything she can to keep her ranch from falling to bandits.

Hunter is from a completely different life then Elyssa. He was a soldier who lost his wife and children to bandits. He has grown cold and heartless because of it. He came upon the ranch because he got word it was a decent living and that Elyssa was hiring to help with her heard to get to the soldiers at the other side of the mountains.

Elyssa fell in love with Hunter the moment she met him. Hunter tried to ignore her because he thought she was just like his late wife, a female who only flirted with men just to get attention. Little did either one of them know, they would fall in love with each other when things were at the worst.

Elyssa started having problems with bandits trying to kick her off her farm. Hunter came up with a plan to stop the bandits and get his revenge for his family at the same time. Hunter had his brother’s help as well since his brother needed the same revenge as well.

Through a lot of gunfire and death, the bandits left Elyssa’s ranch either by running away or by death. Hunter and his brother were making plans to go after the ones who ran away but the brother stopped Hunter. It was then when Hunter realized that his grudge or revenged was less than his love for Elyssa.

Throughout the whole book there was defiantly a lot of sexual tension between our two main characters. It was getting to the point where I wanted to lock the both of them in a room and not let them out. That was until their first sexual encounter. Then I wanted to hang Hunter from the nearest tree for the way he treated Elyssa. Burt then he reversed his attitude and made everything better.

I have always loved how Elizabeth Lowell wrote. Her books have always made me fall in love with her heroes. Her heroines were always the type to stand up for what they believed it. Her writing is inspiring to those of us who are fighting for what we want. Lowell lets us know love can be achieved no matter what.

Book Blurb for Autumn Lover

Returning to her Nevada ranch at the Civil War’s end, Elyssa Sutton finds it picked bare by scavengers and coveted by determined men. Yet the proud young woman vows never again to abandon her Ruby Mountain home—though it means enlisting the aid of a dark and dangerous stranger who lives for revenge alone.

Hunter Maxwell has suffered from the savagery of outlaws and the faithlessness of a woman. And he will trust no female—nor will he rest until the raiders who destroyed his family pay for their crimes.

A woman in need and a man in pain must stand as one to fight for something cherished, something lost. And in the brisk chill of autumn, ravaged hearts will be reborn.

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