Knight in Highland Armor

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Knight in Highland Armor

Highland Dynasty, #1

As this novel began, I wasn't sure that I would like it as much as I did other novels written by Jarecki. I was a little worried, I will admit, but I continued to read, and the more I read, the better this book got. I think the most important part of this review is not to fool readers into thinking this book is a traditional historical romance because it isn't. In fact, the romance is not present between Colin and Margaret for quite some time, but as a reader, you are rewarded by the presence of love and of happiness the more that you read, so it is well worth the wait.

The first introduction I had to Colin, I felt sympathy for him, even though he is a hero who insists on not being sympathized with. Then I found him to be somewhat of a crude man, and for a few chapters I didn't like him as much. However, once his outer shell was broken and the plot deepened, I began to realize that Colin is an honorable hero who is worth every amount of praise, and I think he stands out easily when compared to other historical heroes because of the fact that he was written so differently than what I was expecting him to be.

While the same could be said for Margaret, I did enjoy her character from the first time I met her. I think she handled the idea of an arranged marriage well, and she did know how to stand against Colin and was able to cut through the steel of the invisible armor of his heart, so, together they were able to find a love worth waiting for.

"Knight in Highland Armor" is a book that is so different from what I was expecting. If you are a reader who is leery of historical romances because you believe the plots or the characters are often times repeated, I encourage you to pick up a novel by Jarecki, particularly this book, because you will be greatly impressed by how this author can tell a story and what an amazing storyteller Jarecki is! I so love her books and enjoy them. In fact I haven't found one yet that I did not like and I probably never will...

Book Blurb for Knight in Highland Armor

Grieving from the death of his wife, Lord Colin Campbell listens to the cries of his newborn son whilst penning a missive to the king. With no marriage prospects, Colin petitions his majesty for help in finding a stepmother. Never again will he fall in love—the death of a woman brings more pain than losing a whole contingent of men on the battlefield.

Feisty, quick tongued and smart, Margaret Robinson is delighted when her father receives a messenger from the king…until she discovers what news he brings. In a sennight, she will wed the notorious Black Knight—her life is about to end.

Tension builds during the wedding and deteriorates from there…until an accident draws them together. Just when their love begins to blossom, a dire request arrives from the Pope. Colin must join the Crusades at once.

Their fragile love is forced to withstand the seductions of hell—Margaret tempted by a scoundrel laird—Colin courted by Satan himself. Aye, the war for Christendom could very well ruin their dreams forever.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2015 4.50