It Happened in Scotland

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It Happened in Scotland

Kilts and Quilts, #6

"It Happened in Scotland," is a cozy seasonal read with strong family values, but is not exactly what I would label a romance novel or at least one that was a great, romantic read. Despite the romance seriously lacking any real details or chemistry among the characters I did find most of the book to be a fairly good read that was written well and contained a developed plot that I think is worth reading.

I have to confess that the main fault that I had with the actual story would have to be the ending. It was way too tacky. Without giving too much away to fellow readers I felt like the author did not need to clarify what was already told throughout the book in the ending. In my opinion the ending should wrap up the book and therefore should not refine what I already had read.

Yet, I did find Rachel, the heroine to be of interest. I also liked the overall foundation of the novel itself because in many ways it was a good holiday read that did possess flaws still contained enough hope and a second chance at love that I would suggest giving the actual story a read.

Book Blurb for It Happened in Scotland

From the author of The Trouble With Scotland—a charming new romance set in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

Christmas in the sleepy Scottish fishing village of Gandiegow this year is a time for quilting, patching up broken hearts, and rekindling an old flame...

After pulling herself out of a three-year fog of grief over the loss of her husband, Joe, Rachel is bringing their five-year-old daughter to see his hometown of Gandiegow and visit with his grandfather. But Rachel wasn’t planning on running into Joe’s cousin, the man who made her have second thoughts at the altar...

Brodie has come home to help his grandfather’s fishing business, but he’d prefer not to see Rachel. Although she did break his heart six years ago, the grip she has on him hasn’t faltered. If they can stop butting heads long enough and learn to overcome the past, they may find new love in the new year...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 3.50