Running Wild

Hell Ryders MC Book 1

Ready to start a new series? Ready for some hot bikers? J. L. Sheppard has a new series for you!

Alyssa Holden is on the run from her ex and controlling father. They are back in New York City. She runs to her brother Ty, a military vet and member of the Hell’s Ryder MC. Ty leads a whole new way of life for Alyssa, but she is starting over on a new life. But nothing is so easy when her ex wants her back, luckily the MC is protecting her. She gets some close up protection from Jace. It makes for a beautiful thing.

“Running Wild” is great first book. Readers are in for plenty of hot biker action and strong females. This MC book has all the trademarks of a great series starter. You have your hot bikers and plenty of action.

Alyssa’s character is fun and sweet with some fire. She is perfect for Jace (Trig) who is a badass with a heart of gold. He takes care of his sister and niece in a sweet way, a great touch.

As in any first book we see glimpses of the other MC club member. We get Ty (Army Alyssa brother), Cuss and many more. Hopefully we will see more of these characters and their stories in upcoming books.

If you are not sure if you would like MC books, this is a great first book. Give this sub genre a try. This book provides you with a great story and a look into MC life. I’m looking forward to the next book in this series.

Book Blurb for Running Wild

When the perfect life Alyssa Holden planned turns out to be a life of lies, she runs to her brother, the only person she can trust. She has no idea she’s running straight into a world of badass bikers who live and ride by their own rules. One tatted rebel in particular calls to her wilder side, and while everything in her draws her toward him, every experience she’s had with men warns her away.

Jace Warren is doing what he’s done his whole life—trying to survive, making the best with what he’d been given. The only life that makes sense after the military is Hell Ryder’s Motorcycle Club, but the sweet innocence of his army buddy's sister promises a different life, one a man like him can only dream of. Problem is, being his MC brother’s sister puts her off limits. Hard as it is, he keeps his distance. Then she kisses him, and all bets are off.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2016 4.50