Rebel Custody

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Rebel Custody

The Demon Horde Motorcycle Club Series, #2

Welcome back to the Demon Horde MC. This is the follow up book to book 1 Enforcer Price.

Skeeter is a member of the Demon Hordes and he’s back from serving in the military when he gets news that he has a son. He’s will to do about anything to get him back even hiring straight lace lawyer Miriam. Miriam has always played by the rules of her Dads law practice but things are about to change when she meets Skeeter and gets involved with his custody case. Even going so far as to posse as his women but will this walk on the wild side comes back on them? Read this exciting 2nd book!

This is the authors follow up book to her debut book. I encourage readers to read the first book to set the stage for this new book.

The title “Rebel Custody” is all about taking custody of Skeeter son. Written in dual POV this book is a great look at two characters with plenty of background information to answer all your question. It’s also a look at two people falling in love and trying to make a relationship work when neither an idea about what is going on.

Take a chance on this book you will not be disappointed. It’s well written with lots of hot alpha Bikers and a guaranteed happy ending. Bring on the next Demon Horde Book.

Book Blurb for Rebel Custody

A son in danger 

The Demon Horde MC are no strangers to breaking the rules, but making a man pay to get his son back crosses one too many lines for Skeeter. He'll do anything, including play by the book, if it means bringing his son home. Hiring straitlaced attorney Miriam Englestein is meant to solve his problems, not create new ones. One look at her and his good-guy facade goes out the window. He wants to throw his buttoned-up lawyer onto the back of his bike and make her his.  

A woman at risk 

Miri wants nothing to do with the club. Her father may be in their pocket, but she's on the right side of the law and she intends to stay there. But there's something about Skeeter's plea—something about him—she can't walk away from. While she's tempted to let him do unspeakably wicked and delicious things to her, she can't risk her law practice, or her heart. 

A dangerous deception  

When Miriam agrees to pose as Skeeter's woman to get details they need for the case, things heat up fast—and it's not long before the lines between business and personal blur, and they're both in over their heads. In the MC world, lies have a way of coming back to you, and they put everyone at risk.  

This book is approximately 60,000 words

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00