Karma and Mayhem

Karma and Mayhem is a paranormal –fantasy-romance book. This book is about Janay an ex-militia women and Tienan a Guardian. Janay rescues Tienan brother from attackers and introduced to the Guardians household. In a ritual to cure Tienan brother goes wrong and Janay gets stuck living in Tienan household until it can be corrected. Janay‘s actions are unconventional but she is gutsy and a warrior that has lived thru conflict but her greatest battle may be her feelings for Tienan. Tienan has secrets of his own being a powerful warlock and his Symbiote Veed accepting Janay as his mate. These two find true love amongst murderous witch’s intent on finding the secret of immortality no matter what the cost.

My Review-I thought that this book was a wonderful work of fiction. The off world setting and mysteries kept the story interesting. And the subplot of Ancient Japanese Samurai warrior and weapons gave the book a total new prospective from what I usually read. Ms. McLean has a smooth hand in weaving plots together and characters to make for an enjoyable book. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters in the book but my favorite were Janay and Tienan. These two characters where strong without being mean but soft and believable when needed in the story. Hopefully some of the other characters will get their own books if our author decides to continue to another book. I really enjoyed this book and I am sure you would too if you read romance or paranormal books.

Book Blurb for Karma and Mayhem

Tienan is a warlock and a lawman determined to solve a series of diabolical murders. An incident in his youth gave him a terror of death and made him fear his birthright soul, an energy symbiote called a veed which gives Tienan extraordinary skills. Hosting that veed has also contributed to Tienan's failed relationships with women and convinced him true love doesn't exist.

Janay is an ex-militia woman down on her luck who is haunted by personal demons, and real ones. When she rescues Tienan's brother, Tienan considers her a gutsy but semi-deranged commando. She's audacious and unconventional, but with all she's been through in her life, it rankles that she still believes in true love.

So can Tienan accept and trust in his love for Janay, embrace the power needed to wield an Executioner's Katana, and defeat a triad of murderous witches intent on immortality?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2013 4.50