Drakon's Promise

Blood of the Drakon Book 1

“Drakon's Promise” starts off an exciting new series in a world that Drakon exist. Darius Varkas is a drakon, both human and dragon. And he’s kind is being chased by the Knights for their blood. It’s a fight as old as time but this time there’s a human involved, Sarah Anderson. Sarah is a research librarian that has stumbled into a mystery. But this may be so much more. In “Drakon's Promise” you get a fight between good and evil as well as a battle between dragon and human.

This is another great book by this author. I’m excited to see that this is going to be a series. Darius is an exciting hero. Having lived for a long time he and his brothers have seen lots and have become jaded. When he is introduced to Sarah, it’s a great meeting. They are both attracted but battling trust and attraction. Sarah is human with a gift and has a good heart. She can stand against the dragon and his human side. They are a perfect combo.

In this first book we are introduced to the other characters. You have your Knight, aka bad guys. You also meet Darius’s brothers, which I am assuming we will see in the next books. This is another winner from this author. I highly recommend this first book in this series.

Book Blurb for Drakon's Promise

Darius Varkas is a drakon. He's neither human nor dragon.

He's both.

He's also the target of an ancient order who want to capture all drakons for their blood. When fresh, a drakon's blood can cure any illness and prolong a human's life, and the Knights will stop at nothing to get it.

When librarian Sarah Anderson stumbles across a rare book belonging to the Knights of the Dragon, she's quickly thrust into a dangerous world of secrets and shifters and things she never would have believed possible. When the Knights realize Sarah has a secret of her own, she becomes just as much a target as Darius. Her scary dragon shifter just might be her best chance at survival.

The Blood of the Drakon series is best enjoyed in order 

Reading Order: Book #1: Drakon’s Promise | Book #2: Drakon’s Prey | Book #3: Drakon's Plunder | Book #4: Drakon's Past

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.50