Bound by Song

Cauld Ane Series, #4

This book is about the Max, the charismatic lead singer of a band and Grace an American. After an impromptu meeting backstage Grace and Max meet for the first time and Max relies he has met his mate. Grace and her family return to America with no idea of what is going on. Max and the band later follow and Max tries to convince Grace that he is in love with her. Can Grace follow her heart and her feelings as well as trust that Max is the one for her or will secrets tear them about?

This is a story of romance, acceptance and change? The characters as in the other books in this series are rich and inventive. We have Max, the famous leader of the band who has lived hundreds of years. He finds his mate by accident and has to have her to his side. With so many years years he has a lot of baggage, but also a lot of experiences. Then we have Grace, our twenty something American who sings in church and who comes from a tight knit human family. She is unprepared for Max and his way of life. This makes for a great read. I hope this series continues on. I recommend this to anyone that is following the series or a fan of romance with a touch of the paranormal.

Book Blurb for Bound by Song

Maximilian MacMillan is brooding, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous. He's also the lead singer of the most popular and successful band in the world. His ability to weave a fantasy in lyrics offers him anything he desires. When he meets his mate backstage at one of his concerts, he expects she will fall into his arms and thank him for being hers. She doesn’t.

After a family vacation to Scotland, Grace Wilson returns to the United States just in time to lose her job and break up with her boyfriend. When the lead singer of a famous band sends her an invitation to their concert…all expenses paid and V.I.P. treatment all the way…she is unprepared for the lengths the man will go to in order to meet her...or how much he keeps hidden from her.

As Max works to prove his devotion to Grace, will she put aside the rumors and gossip that surround him, and trust him?

Will Max come to terms with his past and finally open up to Grace?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00