Blazing Serious

Tales of the Citadel, #44

Viola Grace takes readers on another science fiction romantic adventure in this book. Don’t miss out.

Jimra was born on Lekreaht. But she has a talent for fire from her father’s DNA. He was the Guardian of Ypra. As she comes to age she realizes she will not be accepted on her home world and travels to the Citadel of Ypra. She is someone out of place because Ypra is a closed society and her father prefers males. By accident she mind meld with Huros who is an ex Negotiator and needs help. With the help of Tremor a Yaluthu this three is a winning combination.

As with this author’s entire series we are taken away to a new world. A world of many different species, customs and talents. In this case Jimra has fire as a talent. She can absorb it and let it go, but she is a cross bread trying to find her way. Huros is damaged and finds balance and hope in Jimra. It’s a coming of both mind and body. Yoris, Jimra’s Dad is the head of the Citadel and accepts Jimra even though her birth should never have happened. He sees both hope and love in this couple and hopefully his feature.

This author always packs lots in a short book and every book is always a fun read.

Book Blurb for Blazing Serious

Jimra was raised to do her best, perform her duty and fight fire with her own body. When she becomes a citizen, she wants to join the fire office and finds that there is only one thing standing in her way…her own genes. Her mother got pregnant on a distant world by their Guardian, and Jimra has to face the fact that she isn’t welcome on her world, but she might be welcome on her father’s.

Learning that he had an adult daughter had to be difficult for him, but he welcomed her to the Citadel on Ypra and her new position as a specialist.

Huros was an ex-Negotiator with a talent for analysis when he lost emotional control in the healers’ offices and a specialist was called in to help calm him. With one touch, she changed their fates and linked them forever.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 4.00