Explosion in Paris

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Explosion in Paris

Angela Briann Scott is caught in a bad marriage to a controlling, emotionally abusive man who has cut her of from her friends, her career, and most of her family. She does not want to continue in these lines, regardless of what her husband, Mitchell, wants, but her own wants and dreams find themselves bottoming after she meets Ross Leigh Stafford through an accidental meeting.

Mitchell, however, feels put out by these circumstances and decides to solve what he considers to be a problem.  It is here that the story truly begins. After her "death", Angela rebuilds her life elsewhere - so does Mitchell, by re-marrying. While Angela blooms, Mitchell's world goes awry as his new wife is not as biddable as Angela was.  Meanwhile, both Ross and Angela's sister grieve over their loss and go on as best they can.

Explosion in Paris was, for me, a great, page-turning, suspenseful read.  Having read it and enjoyed both the story and the characters, I would recommend it to others.  However, having said that, I felt that the message was, at times, the hammer to the reader's head and had, at least, me mentally saying, "All right, I get it already".  This is in no way meant to belittle the message - it is an important one that no one should stay in an abusive relationship. Another message could be that love is out there for everyone and it will come find you when you may need it most.  I simply wish that they were done a little more quietly.  Others may read it differently than I have.

Book Blurb for Explosion in Paris

Explosion in Paris is the story of one woman's determination to better her life because she has finally found the man of her dreams. By refusing to accept her husband's death sentence assessment of her soul, Angela Briann Scott is challenging herself to reach beyond her limits. This is especially true since her accidental meeting with the devastatingly handsome Ross Leigh Stafford. He's the man of high principles, irreproachable character, unsinkable spirit, and unwavering compassion, all the qualities that her husband is seriously lacking.

Linda Masemore Pirrung is the author of three romance/suspense novels, Cracked Hearts, I Will Wait for You, and Explosion in Paris. She is the proud mother of three and equally proud grandmother of two. Pirrung resides happily in Maryland with her husband of thirty-eight years. She is available for interviews.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.75