Wings of a Butterfly

1 Night Stand Series

In a twist instead of going BACK in time our intrepid heroine Elizabeth, getting over a spectacularly bad marriage and affair, goes forward in time to recuperate for a few months. While there she meets Damien, a man her cousin Sophie warns her against and sparks fly.

For a short story this packed quite a bit of intriguing information. I wish I had known that this had a companion story ("Out of Joint"), since I may have understood better the world' dynamic. Paranormal creatures abound, as well as time traveling, so I was initially pretty confused by what was going on. Faris seemed to rely on the reader having knowledge about the world and the society, enough so that they could at least follow what Elizabeth's father meant and what Pack law was. Or later when Elizabeth is talking about her brother and his wife--I didn't understand why it was important to repeatedly mention how 'human' she was.

The interaction between Damien and Elizabeth was fun and flirty. They connected on a number of levels, but Elizabeth was always aware of the restraints she had to put on their relationship. This was a little bit frustrating because she would open up, but then draw back and grow distant.

Due to the short nature the ending felt more abrupt with far less explanation then I thought would have been needed. Kind of an 'Oh well this will work out because it has to' then a true explanation.

Quick Note: We encourage readers to read "Out of Joint" prior to this story.

Book Blurb for Wings of a Butterfly

An escape to another place and time with better plumbing and brasserie? Away from a dominance contest one helped start? Sounds like a bloody good idea.

Elizabeth Wentworth certainly thinks so when she goes on holiday to twenty-first century Madrid—in fact, it’s that very sort of thinking that leads her to sign up for 1NightStand’s matchmaking services. One night of pleasure, with no thought of duty, heartbreak or Pack law, just a pander to her desires.

But falling in love? Not an option.

Damien Chassange, carefree, unconventional, and Packless, is the perfect partner in her foray to self-indulgence.

If only he wasn’t her mate....

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 3.50