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Tuesday's Child--Grace is a novella length story that surprised me with just how well-rounded it was.  At just over 60 pages, I was prepared for a good story, but for it to feel rushed as I normally feel with short stories.  Carter however manages to balance the sexy tone of the book with characters who grow. 

Grace grows the most, but she was the focus of the story, the one who needed to become comfortable with herself again, so that's understandable.  Between the horrific accident that took the only way of life she ever wanted and her nasty cousin-companion, Grace had a lot to deal with.  She trucked on though, refusing to let her misery over her fate keep her from enjoying what she could while watching the ballet.

Jaron ran hot and cold for me.  Sometimes he showed a lot of depth--understanding when the right moment was to approach Grace, taking the long road to winning her over instead of instant gratification, while other times he seemed really dense.  I'm not sure how long he thought he could carry on with Grace in the manner he was, or what would happened to Grace when he left (since he refused to contest the other option), but his rationale was contradictory at best.

The end came as a surprise (or the timing of it at least), but I completely believed it.  There was plenty of evidence to back it up throughout the story.  And the very last paragraphs?  Justice is sweet.

Book Blurb for Grace

Grace Solomon was a ballerina. Not just any ballerina but the ballerina. As graceful as her name her extraordinary talent catapulted her to the highest levels of her art. Until the day a horrific car accident leaves her crippled, barely able to walk, let alone dance, and her heart broken as she accepts she'll never dance again.

So when enigmatic stranger Jaron Conrad turns up talking of a cure, Grace accuses him of being a crackpot and a quack. But could there be a possibility that he's telling the truth and, if he is, does Grace have the courage to take that chance, whatever the price? Even if it's her heart?

**Please note: This title has previously been released with another publisher**

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00