That Magic Moment

A Halloween Story

This was definitely a magic moment love story.  Celeste and Dane meet by happenstance in the ER and from their love blossoms quickly.  There's a sideline about a 'black witch' who put some sort of spell on Dane (we're not told what kind), but that seems to be more of a plot convince then a plot point.

While I enjoyed Celeste and Dane's chemistry, and certainly found the grandmother to be an impish sort of lady, there was quite a bit of repetition in the story.  Especially about Celeste's distrust of mortals (men especially) and her belief she wouldn't fall in love again.  It’s mentioned at least once a page. 

The story was a little too fast and relied too heavily on the suspension of disbelief for me to feel connected to it.  I would have liked to read more about the black witch Martha, or about the curse she put on Dane or even just seen more of the courtship between Celeste and Dane.  In the end it was a quick read, but not a wholly satisfying one.

Book Blurb for That Magic Moment

Can love cross the boundaries mortals have erected to reject all that cannot be explained? As the last witch in the Turner line, Celeste doesn’t know if she’s finally found true love or if her grandma cast a love spell to continue the Turner line. Dane Johns is a man not easily forgotten, but that’s exactly what Celeste plans to do. Because he has one big flaw. He’s a mortal.

Dane Johns doesn’t know it but he’s under a spell, and Celeste Turner is the cure. Mysteriously healing his injury while captivating his heart, Dane is enchanted. Although once he discovers Celeste’s secret he must decide if he’s charmed enough to not only accept love into his life, but the world of magic.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2009 3.00