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A Midnight Justice story

Superhero fiction is kind of a secret love of mine. There isn't that much out there, in original universes not tied up with DC or Marvel, and some of what is available is rather...mediocre, so I'm always cautiously excited when I see a new entry. Last year Carrie Vaughn surprised me with After the Golden Age and the year or two before that was AJ Menden's "Elite Hands of Justice" series of super-hero romances, but by in large it has been dry.

Enter Samhain's "Midnight Justice" stories. There's three, so far, by some of their recognizable names. Vivi Andrews was certainly a draw for me, as I really enjoy her Karmic Consultants books, but the other two books (Blade of Moonlight by Kimberly Dean and Breaking Bad by Jodi Redford) sound equally as interesting.

Superlovin' lived up to my expectations for an Andrews romance. The leads were engaging and had great banter; the romance didn't come easy and in the end both had to learn how to compromise their stubbornness. I was initially a little put off with how Andrews described what attracted Darla to Lucien--Darla was in lust because Lucien was as strong if not stronger than her and she really wanted a strong man in her bed--but I appreciated that later she expanded on it and gave solid reasoning for why I should care about them as a couple.

There's more to the story than just the romance, Andrews shows us what happens when grief and genius collide as well as the expectations brought on kids because of their parents' infamy. It was an interesting juxtaposition between Darla and Lucien; they're both pegged by the media and world at large as being a certain way because of who they're parents are. Whereas Darla forced herself into a life that wasn't quite what she wanted, Lucien strove to keep himself out of the life as much as possible. He didn't excuse his dad, or justify his crimes, just asked what else could a man do when he loses everything?

As I said, the initial beginnings of the attraction had me leery and edging away, but the story figured itself out, ending in a satisfying conclusion that has me itching to read the others.

Book Blurb for Superlovin'

She could resist this bad boy…if he wasn’t so darned good at it.

Darla Powers, a.k.a. DynaGirl, is the Jessica Rabbit of crime fighters, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy finding a date. When her latest ex opines she’s not helpless enough to make him feel manly, she flies off to take out her romantic frustrations on a villain dumb enough to pick tonight to break into a secret government vault.

Lucien Wroth’s father may be a famous supervillain, but Lucien doesn’t see himself as a bad guy. Just one determined to free his baby sister from a supercriminal’s clutches. He’s this close to getting his hands on a vital set of schematics when one sultry superheroine catches him elbow-deep in a top-secret safe.

Darla is horrified when Lucien’s pretty face—and bulging muscles—distract her enough to let him get away. No one escapes DynaGirl. But somewhere along the way to getting revenge for her public humiliation, she and Lucien become uneasy allies…resisting an all-too-easy attraction. Suddenly she suspects the perfect man for a good girl just might be a very bad boy.

Warning: This book contains heroes, villains, mind-games, epic battles, bustiers, leather, and an infamous “Women of the Cape” Maxim photo spread.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00