Reawakening Eden

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Reawakening Eden

I had previously read Andrews only in context with her comedic paranormal romance series "Karmic Consultants". I really, really enjoy those books. They're sexy and funny and paced almost perfectly for afternoon reading or sneaking between work shifts. That said Reawakening Eden is well paced, sexy and thoroughly enjoyable (so really it's just missing the comedy).

Right from the get-go Andrews introduces us to Eden, who is scared witless of the world she's trying to survive in, but doing her level best to keep herself and the two kids she's got with her safe. Eden makes no bones about tough it is, how even with all the reading she did on the subject of survival she's unable to manage something like lighting a fire. Meeting Connor is almost a god-send; military grade tough with a generous heart and killer bod...well Eden doesn't complain.

I appreciated that Andrews doesn't dress up Connor and Eden's relationship in pretty words. Though the advent of the sex is quick, the rationale is sound--who knows when the world is going to die, take what you can when you can. Both characters are given a good sense of development, given the limited page count and I found it interesting how for Eden a lot of it revolves around her plans for the future and for protecting the kids. While with Connor we learn a lot more from what he doesn't say, the things he does instead.

The whole cult in Seattle was mildly disturbing and I've never been so glad Connor was who he was then at that moment.

The world itself is a bit sketchier. There doesn't seem to be a reason behind why Lucas and Hannah-Rose (the two children Eden is protecting) survived when seemingly no other kids did. Nor is there any explanation how the virus happened, why no one has gotten pregnant (to anyone's knowledge at least) in the almost year since it happened. Eden and everyone else is pretty much going by what they know--there isn't any way to get news from a local or international scale. I'd be interested to see more in this vein, to find out a bit more about the world at large and who survived where.

Book Blurb for Reawakening Eden

When life is a struggle, love is the ultimate luxury.

Librarian Eden Fairfax knows exactly where to find books about survival. None of them mentioned how to manage in the aftermath of a worldwide epidemic—with two young orphans in tow.

On a journey south to warmer climes, she finds sanctuary for all three of them among a community of survivors in Seattle. Until she realizes the children are the centerpiece of their bizarre new religion. There’s no choice but to run as far and as fast as her stolen car will go.

Former Army Ranger Connor Reed had planned to live out the end of the world in peace. Yet he can’t stand by and do nothing while a lone woman defends two children from an armed thug. Even if doing something means taking the trio in.

Eden’s not sure if the armed hermit is her salvation or an even more dangerous threat. A blizzard forces her to trust him with their lives, and in Connor’s arms she remembers what it’s like to live.

Just beyond the edge of the storm, though, the cult leader awaits his chance to get his hands on the children—and make Eden his next sexual sacrifice.

Warning: This book contains a strong, silent action-hero, a tough, tenacious heroine, a pair of steal-your-heart kids, and a pony-sized dog named Precious.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50