Heart Of The Sorcerer

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Heart Of The Sorcerer

This was an unexpectedly sweet story.  Granny Jean is the grandmother everybody would want--she's fun, she's got a wacky sense of humor and she's got loads of unconditional love to give out.  I thought she was a feisty old woman and could easily see why Annalisa loved her so very much.

Annalisa veered between being endearing and irritating, her mood swinging depending on what was happening.  Sometimes she was very sweet and funny (her 'arguments' with the black cat were fun).  More often she was irritating with her lamentations about how bad her life was.  Other then a no-account ex-boyfriend, lack of love life and no clear future goal, her life didn't seem so bad.

One of the few problems with the story was that there wasn't a lot of detail given about important things.  For instance we don't learn what Annalisa's job is (only that she had one), her general age or even very much about her interests.  The story was very focused on how much she enjoyed her 'dream man' and how much she didn't enjoy reality.  Alec, her dream man, was actually fleshed out a little better.  We at least learn about what he does (he's an Earl), a little about his interests (horse back riding) and his plans for Annalisa when she finally joins him.

Overall this was a quick, light read.  At times there were info dumps, but it’s a cute story and it’s just over 70 pages, so for most that won't take long to go through.

Book Blurb for Heart Of The Sorcerer

Fantasy Faery Miniature Rose
Rating: Sweet
Page Count: 80
Theme: Time Travel
Drawn inexplicably back to her childhood home, Annalisa returns, seeking to fill the void existing in her loveless life. Granny Jean, Annalisa’s adopted grandmother, failing in health and mental acuity, endeavors to discover the secrets of Annalisa’s soul, wanting nothing more than Annalisa to be happy before she leaves this earth. A picture hangs over the mantle in Gran’s cottage depicting a beautiful man of another time, a man who haunts Annalisa’s every dream, a man who calls to her in dreams. Unknown to Annalisa, Gran and Alec, the man in the painting, have set forth a course of events to eventually send Annalisa back, back into the arms of Alec.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 3.00