The Prince of Frogs

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The Prince of Frogs

Rose's adventures continue...

Prince of Frogs is the sequel to Night’s Rose. It begins shortly after the end of Night’s Rose so that is my warning to read them in order.

Rose and Gareth are now living in not so wedded bliss in the castle at Myrdrean. Gareth doesn’t seem to have fully recovered from the events in first book which seems odd for a vampire. Ambrose is with them and Rose seems to spend a lot of time telling herself that he should not be the focus of her erotic dreams at night. That is part of the reason that things seem so tense between Rose and Gareth. The other reason is that it seems that Gareth isn’t telling Rose what is really going on with his recovery. Then Rose gets a summons to her grandfather, The Seelie King’s domain. Apparently there is something targeting his heirs, of which Rose is one, killing them savagely. Rose had better find out what is going on in her grandfather’s court if she wants to live. Will she save her life only to lose her husband?

This was quite the adventure. The tension between Rose and Gareth was disturbing considering how happy they were in the previous book. I should have known that Rose’s life wouldn’t run smooth just because she had found love. The Seelie court was well done, feeling alien and chockfull of intrigue, as it should. Rose’s yearning for the two men in her life was a little strange but works in the context of the story. Ms. Evans can write some steamy sex scenes! Rose is dealt some harsh blows in this book, finding out more about her family. The one thing that I really liked about this book is that I didn’t see the blows coming. I was so surprised; I know my mouth was hanging open. These revelations answer some of the questions raised in both books and impacts what will be, surely, a third book since we were left with some things unresolved. I recommend this series to the fans of Colleen Gleason and Jenna Maclaine.

Book Blurb for The Prince of Frogs

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving…

Rosemarie Barrows has successfully defeated an ogre uprising that threatened the lives of humans and supernaturals alike. Now she’s trying to forget her lingering attraction to her handsome Fey advisor, Ambrose Minuit, and settle in to life with her new husband, Gareth, Lord Shenley. Unfortunately, Gareth’s suspicious behavior is driving a wedge between the newlyweds.

Gareth Barrows is hiding an old secret, a problem he thought he’d already resolved--and would never have to reveal. But his past has come back to haunt him, placing his future, his marriage, and his very life at risk.

Bloodlines. Ancestry. Heritage. Nothing is as it seems for Rose or Gareth, and as they struggle to unravel the truth, an unseen enemy lurks in the shadows, ready to silence them…forever.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00