Casting Spells

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Casting Spells

Chloe Hobbs has lived in Sugar Maple, Vermont her whole life with the townsfolk as her extended family. Her ancestor was a founding member of the town who cast a blessing that protected the inhabitants from any harm including their true natures being discovered by outsiders. But Chloe is different from her ancestor and the rest of the town in that she is mortal. Her mother, a great sorceress married a human. Chloe was six when her parents died in a car accident. Chloe hasn’t shown any signs of becoming a sorceress and the townsfolk are worried that if she doesn’t come into her powers that they will all be in danger. They can all feel the blessing starting to fail. Then a beautiful woman visiting the town is found dead and it brings the attention of the outside world. Suddenly, the town is being investigated by big town detective Luke MacKenzie. Will Chloe come into her powers and protect the town? Will she give in to her attraction to Luke?
Enchanting is the perfect word to sum up this book. I really enjoyed the town, the people. This was a story primarily about Chloe coming into her own and it was really nice to see her find happiness. What fascinated me was the knitting. Chloe owns a knitting shop and there were lots of details that make it apparent that Ms. Bretton is an avid knitter. It made me want to go out and learn how immediately. Ms. Bretton also has a knack for description without beating you over the head with it. It was quite easy to picture the picturesque town and its inhabitants. So if you are looking for a cozy contemporary with a touch of magic and mystery go out and get this book.

Book Blurb for Casting Spells

Magic. Knitting. Love. A new series and a delightful departure by the USA Today bestselling author of Just Desserts.

Sugar Maple looks like any Vermont town, but it’s inhabited with warlocks, sprites, vampires, witches—and an ancient secret. And Chloe Hobbs, owner of Sticks & String, a popular knitting shop, has a big secret too. She’s a sorcerer’s daughter in search of Mr. Right—and she’s found him in Luke MacKenzie, a cop investigating Sugar Maple’s very first murder. Bad news is he’s 100% human, which could spell disaster for a normal future with a paranormal woman like her.

About the Author

Barbara Bretton is the USA Today bestselling, award- winning author of more than forty books. She currently has over ten million copies in print around the world. Her works have been translated into twelve languages in more than twenty countries.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.75