I Married the Duke

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I Married the Duke

The Prince Catchers, #1

"I Married the Duke" has all the elements of a great romance: pirates, Gypsies, scandals, secrets, assassins, action, and of course romance between two unlikely lovers. Katharine Ashe creates animated and dynamic characters who grow throughout the book, and become better people by the end. Luc is both a pirate and a gentleman, making him a unique hero who doesn't always follow societies' rules. Arabella is both head strong and whimsical, and she isn't the typical romance heroine. Side characters such as, the Lord of Bedwyr, Tony, and Princess Jacqueline add humor and lively conflicts to "I Married the Duke."

Ashe easily weaves plot twists throughout the story creating non - stop action, and mysteries readers will be eager to figure out. The villain is expected, yet his sinful deeds are not. After the surprising climax I couldn't put the book down, because I just had to know how everything was going to work itself out. Ashe has written a wonderful romance, and I can't wait to read the next book in the Prince Catchers series.

Arabella Caulfield isn't an average lady. She is a governess who believes, because of a prophecy, that she is destined to marry a prince. When she is forced to bribe an arrogant ship captain for passage on his ship, she is shocked to find she has feelings for the authoritative captain.

Luc Westfall isn't an average ship captain. He is the new Duke of Lycombe, and to save his family he must produce an heir. He knows the perfect woman for him, and he'll do anything to convince Arabella she is better off as a duchess than as a princess.

Book Blurb for I Married the Duke

I Married the Duke begins the Prince Catchers series by Katharine Ashe, award-winning author of historical romance.

Arabella Caulfield, one of three orphaned sisters, has clung to an ancient gypsy prophecy as the only way to save her family from endless heartbreak. Now she has twelve days to reach a remote French castle and fulfill her destiny: to marry a prince. 

Along the way, Arabella meets Lucien Westfall, decorated naval captain and the new Duke of Lycombe. She thought he was a pirate. He thought she was a governess. Two wrongs have never made such a scandalously perfect right.

Readers of Regency romances and the works of Eloisa James and Lisa Kleypas will fall in love with the Prince Catchers books by Katharine Ashe.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00