A Sinner without a Saint

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A Sinner without a Saint

The Penningtons

“A Sinner without a Saint” by Bliss Bennet is the fourth book in Bennet’s Penningtons historical romance series. Benedict Pennington wants to open a National Art Gallery, so anyone of any social class or gender can view the art that inspired him. Just when he is about to win over a man with a large art collection, Sinclair Milne, Lord Dulcie decides to court the granddaughter, and heir to this collection. Dulcie is a man Pennington would like to forget, but when he’s pressured into painting the man’s portrait, old feelings will reappear, and Benedict will have to choose to have only desire or both desire and love.

“A Sinner without a Saint” is a steamy historical romance with witty and memorable characters, and an intriguing plot. Benedict and Dulcie are well-written and engaging characters, and a great couple who have chemistry from the very beginning. The opposite personalities of the two men make them interesting and unique, and it was easy to want them both to succeed and end up together. The plot surrounding the art gallery is unique and interesting, and added a conflict beyond the romance, and I think this made for a fleshed out storyline. The antagonist is well done, and the twists and turns the backstories take will keep readers on their toes. The secondary characters add humor to the story, and I especially like Polly. I also like the relationship between Dulcie and his family, as it seems realistic and believable. Bennet has written a fun, steamy gay historical romance that will keep readers turning pages from the beginning to the very end.

Book Blurb for A Sinner without a Saint

An honorable artist

Benedict Pennington’s greatest ambition is not to paint a masterpiece, but to make the world’s greatest art accessible to all by establishing England’s first national art museum. Success in persuading a reluctant philanthropist to donate his collection of Old Master paintings brings his dream tantalizingly close to reality. Until Viscount Dulcie, the object of Benedict’s illicit adolescent desire, begins to court the donor’s granddaughter, set on winning the paintings for himself . . .

A hedonistic viscount

Sinclair Milne, Lord Dulcie, far prefers collecting innovative art and dallying with handsome men than burdening himself with a wife. But when rivals imply Dulcie’s refusal to pursue wealthy Miss Adler and her paintings is due to lingering tender feelings for Benedict Pennington, Dulcie vows to prove them wrong. Not only will he woo her away from the holier-than-thou painter, he’ll also placate his matchmaking father in the process.

Sinner and saint—can both win at love?

But when Benedict is dragooned into painting his portrait, Dulcie finds himself once again drawn to the intense artist. Can the sinful viscount entice the wary painter into a casual liaison, one that will put neither their reputations, nor their feelings, at risk? Or will the not-so-saintly artist demand something far more vulnerable—his heart?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2018 4.00