Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered

A Bad Witch Story

“It is better to be a bad witch, than a dead one.” In this book, Cat and Lex have many challenges to face. Be it the Fae that they govern, the vampire that Cat has been tricked into having a creepy mental bond to, the Hunters that are after those of the Magical Community, or just being newlyweds, there is a long journey ahead for these characters. Between being challenged for the titles of Tatiana and Oberon, being psychically linked to a vampire and having to fight his battles, being newly married, and having people trying to kill you, there’s a lot that could go wrong.

Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered had me laughing out loud over and over again. I’m giving this book 5 stars because the narration of the book is like my every day speaking voice. I utterly loved how blunt Catherine is throughout the book, I loved the problems that the characters encounter throughout the story, I loved the plot and I always love a good climax that leads to a happy ending. I found myself adapting to Catherine’s roll in this story and laughing and being awestruck at how much I could relate to her. I am seriously recommending that you read this book if you want something to distract you from anything and everything on your mind. The world painted in this book is such a great one to escape to that I literally could not put it down.

Book Blurb for Bewitched, Blooded and Bewildered

It’s better to be a bad witch than a dead one.

One thing stands between Catherine Duquesne and happily-ever-after with her soul mate Lex—her unwanted bond with billionaire vampire Zachary Harrison. Married life is hard enough without adding an uninvited vampire to the mix, and being tied to Zach endangers more than just her relationship. If Zach dies, she dies, and with his new seat on the necromancer council being challenged by older, more powerful masters, his life expectancy is dwindling fast.

Vampire politics is only the beginning of Cat’s problems. Hunters are stalking magicians, abducting entire families and killing anyone who resists. As the current Titania and Oberon, Cat and Lex must protect their people, but Cat’s dark past keeps the victims from seeking their help. Worse, the former Titania’s granddaughter wants to oust Cat from the job, believing her vampire ties make her unfit.

To break the bond Cat must broker deals with devils on a journey that will take her to hell and back—literally. Freedom comes at a high price, but Cat will risk anything to save her people and her marriage.

Warning: This book contains explicit language, faerie shenanigans, a field trip to hell, even more magician sex, and gratuitous violence against vampires, demons, hunters, helicopters and the kitchen sink. And if you want to know how the very sexy Lex swept Cat off her feet, check out Blood, Smoke and Mirrors.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 5.00