The Not So Little Merman

Royal Duty Book 1

Keep a firm hold on your ability to fend off disbelief, because you'll need it.

"The Not So Little Merman" is very much a cotton-candy story, complete with insta-love mating and the ability to roll with anything on the part of the characters. They met, they fell in love, they roll into bed a hot minute later, the big bad shows up, he plays hero, boom, done. The fact that he's a merman? Eh! And he's a prince? Oh cool. Any problems with not knowing what the merpeople world is like, how the politics play, and not really knowing the characters well? Nope!

Definitely a fun read if you're just looking for a pick-me-up with a HEA.

Book Blurb for The Not So Little Merman

Mer-shifters have one fated mate, and as the Crown Prince, Alaric has a duty to provide offspring. So when his mate fails to materialize, Alaric has to give up on his happily ever after and accept a bride of his father’s choosing. When his true mate shows up, all bets are off, and the deal turns deadly.

Elsie Johnston has completely lost faith in the opposite sex, a natural reaction to being betrayed by her fiancé and best friend. While honeymooning with her sister, romance and sex are the very last things on her mind. Being hunted down and mated for life to a merman certainly wasn’t on her radar.

Can Elsie accept Alaric after one life-altering bombshell after another? Will Alaric convince Elsie that happily ever afters are possible—even very, very naughty ones?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 3.00