Servant of the Forest

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Servant of the Forest

A fairy tale retelling

"Servant of the Forest" very much is a fairytale retelling. There's a couple that are referenced in the story, but the overarching one is the story of Cinderella.

Cinderella is a fairytale that doesn't lend itself well to re-tellings for me personally because I often have issues with why the father is neglectful, why Cinderella has no agency and is passive, and why the step-mother and step-sisters are so terrible.

Happily, most of that is dealt with well in the story. There's a reason for her father's neglect and there's some reason behind the evil of her step-family.

I really enjoyed "Servant of the Forest". It's very much a fairytale in that most of the story is focused on the surmounting of obstacles rather than the romance. There's a happily ever after, but the main characters themselves didn't spend a lot of time together. They did prove themselves to each other, so I can buy the happily ever after, but I would have preferred if there had been more romance in the book.

Book Blurb for Servant of the Forest

“Remember to be wild,” Orabella’s mother would say.

But her mother is dead and Orabella’s days are taken up with chores for the small estate that barely keeps her stepmother and stepsisters fed.

Then an invitation arrives. The King is throwing a three day party for the Prince, a last attempt to find a cure for the curse that will claim him on his twentieth birthday. The witch who saves Gauthier will get his hand in marriage and will eventually become queen.

Orabella is forbidden from going to the party even though everyone is invited. She wants to see the castle and the Cursed Prince. This time she refuses to obey her stepmother.

As Orabella discovers the secrets of her past and the truth about her mother and the prince’s curse, she learns that no one is to be trusted and not everyone wants the prince to survive.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2017 4.00