Bearing Armen

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Bearing Armen

Book Three

This is a collection of stories about the Night Warriors -- as such I'll be reviewing each short story. Overall, this book is a sweet and fast read. The short stories are just the right length to pick it up for a short time without feeling like you have to finish the entire book in one sitting. Perfect for a commute. 
James: Armen and Dangerous:
I really loved this story. James is such a sweetheart and it's a joy to see how he wins the heart of Beth. How much he adores the girls is simply heart-melting. 
Devon's Price:

To be honest, I found the premise a bit shaky. Devon clearly is playing for keeps and yet Michelle, who should know better, still insists on playing with fire? The last few bits of the story where James is portrayed as the bad guy is also somewhat lacking -- I understand the concept, but I found it hard to believe that Michelle would be so silly as to stew over her problem without coming out with it to her father. The ensuing drama is just weird also, I didn't understand why James was being such a pain. Not a bad read, just a bit hard to swallow considering the previous story in which James is almost the model father. 
Heart of a Warrior:

Hot, intense read. Melissa and Mack's love story is moving and sizzling at the same time. 
The Blade Chaser's Son:

This story was sexy, touching and bittersweet. Kate was the perfect foil to Scott and I really enjoyed how she took down the "bad boy" of Armen range. I did want a bit more background on why Scott was so resistant to Matt though. 
The Warrior's Widow:
This story felt a bit weak in comparison to the other stories. Mostly because it seemed that Alyssa spent a good deal of the story being afraid and it was never quite explained fully what exactly was wrong with Tom. Why he was unbalanced, why he picked her -- none of that was adequately addressed. 
Daddy's Little Girl:
Daddy’s Little Girls was short, sweet, and sizzling. This story was the perfect way to wrap up the collection. 

In conclusion, I'd definitely love to read more about the Night Warriors. However, I do sometimes think that the whole concept of having one mate and the mating madness is a bit overdone. Nonetheless, these are still stunning stories with memorable characters and page-turning plots.

Book Blurb for Bearing Armen

James Armen’s only wish is a home and family. Beth Havens is a widow with twin little girls. She never imagined life with a vampire hunter. He never dreamed that he’d be blessed with daughters.

Devon vowed to do anything to have Michelle as mate. When he goes too far in the grips of printing madness, it’s up to Devon to make peace somehow, even if that means serving her father, James Lord Armen.

Insubordinate. Bastard cursed. Felon. Scott Danvers has been called many things in his life, few of them favorable. Born to a blade chaser and hidden from the Warriors, Scott is nothing like his peers, from his blond-tipped hair and tattoos to his attitude.

Alyssa Bradley is a minefield, a Warrior widow, traumatized, alone and pregnant. But Daniel Hunter knows there’s something beyond that, something his gut tells him is much worse. Why does her dead husband’s name make her tremble in fear? Why doesn’t she know anything about the rules of sanction? Why didn’t she form a bond with Tom’s family? Most importantly, can she accept a Warrior mate after everything Tom Armen has done to her?

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.25