A Tournament Knight

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A Tournament Knight

Jacqueline's twin brother William is inadvertently killed by their father in a tournament and after a childhood of neglect and a narrowly missed marriage to an old lecher – Jacqueline swears revenge upon her father. She takes up her brother's armor and his place within the tournaments in a bid for vengeance. In one such tournament, she meets Sir Terric – a man who threatens all her plans, not to mention her carefully guarded heart. Can she trust this man with her secrets – and her heart?

I very much enjoyed Jacqueline's masquerade as a knight in the very masculine world of tournaments. Marisa Chenery does an exemplary job at bringing that world to life with her careful detail to the nuances of the sport. Jacqueline is a strong heroine who is endearing in her intelligence and drive; no shrinking wallflower is she. She manages to be self-sufficient without losing a whit of femininity and it was great fun to watch her turn olde England on its ear as she bravely forges towards her goals.

Terric complements her without appearing soft or patronizing, it is clear that theirs is a match well made. However, I was somewhat non-pulsed at how disposable William seemed to be. There wasn't much mention of him beyond the first part of the book, not even to reveal why his father would joust with him and then after severely wounding his son, not show an ounce of concern for his well-being. Especially in light of what happens at the end of the book, I really felt as if he were nothing more than a cheap plot device. Also, it seemed as though there was some over-use of the deus ex machina plot device to move things along, especially in the last portion of the book. One other thing that often yanked me out of the plot was the use of colloquial terms that weren't in use at that time period. In all, however, this was an amusing sojourn into another time.

Originally reviewed: 2008-02-06

Book Blurb for A Tournament Knight

This is a re-release

To the world, Jacqueline is dead. When her father kills her twin in a joust, she claims her brother’s identity to see revenge. Worried at being discovered and taking tentative steps out into the world again, it never occurs to her that she may meet the one man who can make her wish she was still alive.

Sir Terric Aubrey, a landless knight, works the tournament circuit hoping to make enough money to buy land. He hasn’t thought much beyond his next win. He certainly doesn’t expect to find the woman he wants for his wife facing him across the jousting field.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.50