A Tale of Two Vampires

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A Tale of Two Vampires

A Dark Ones Novel

This was an enjoyable book, except it kept feeling like I’d read it before. This could be due to my reading all her vampire books thus all her information felt like overkill. For instance, this story has characters from previous storylines so there were conversations similar to previous novels. The information regarding vampire do’s and don’ts dragged at times. There is suspense and drama throughout the novel, but I missed the lighthearted conversations characters displayed. Instead it felt as if the characters were trying to make me laugh, but most of the time, the jokes fell flat.

Ms. MacAlister’s title choice reminds me of Dickens’ novel; while I am not into reading Dickens dry reading, I admit, Katie doesn’t let the details become stale. For those who’ve read the previous “Dark Ones” novels, there are some tie-ins to previous novels, but she disseminates this information throughout the novel in a timely manner. Thus, enabling new readers to get the previous background on characters/situations, while not making it seem overdone for long-standing readers.

The storyline is interesting with the heroine (Iolanthe) who’s met another woman (Imogene) three hundred years in the past, yet has no recollection of it. When Iolanthe is thrust into the past and meets Imogene’s father, things become chaotic fast. First “Io” runs into a horse, is thought to be a hooker (due to her appearance and her after-dark availability), and finds out he’s a vampire. All in all, a great couple days to be had. Ms. MacAlister’s series on vampires is fun to read. This is (for the most part) a stand-alone novel. I’m looking forward to discover what happens next in this series.

Book Blurb for A Tale of Two Vampires

Time isn’t always on a vampire’s side…

Iolanthe Tennyson has had a very bad year—due in part to the very bad men in her life. So, she’s accepted her cousin’s invitation to spend the summer in Austria indulging in her photography hobby. There, rumors of a haunted forest draw Iolanthe into the dark woods—and into the eighteenth century…

Nikola Czerny is a cursed man, forced by his half-brothers to live forever as a Dark One. But his miserable existence takes an intriguing turn when a strange, babbling woman is thrown in his path. Iolanthe claims to know Nikola’s daughter—three hundred years in the future. She also knows what fate—in the form of his murderous half-brothers—has in store for him. If only she knew the consequences of changing the past to save one good, impossibly sexy vampire…

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.50