Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal

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Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal

A widower with eyes for political office, Adam Stanhope needed a wife. He proposed to an old childhood friend and widow Felice. They wed in spite of a family “curse”. But, Adam didn’t realize that his new wife would require more than a marriage of convenience.

Felice married Adam Stanhope with hopes of being happy. On their wedding night, she found that he did not really want a wife, but required one for his career. She left and lived her life separate from her husband. Unfortunately, her first husband had debts she still owed and made money writing a gossip column called Miss Proper. Even more unfortunate, her editor twisted her words to verbally slay her new politician husband.

Can Adam get his wife back? Will Felice be able to marry her secret identity as Miss Proper with her new, handsome husband?

This novella showcases the best of regency romance! Adam Stanhope is a bachelor at heart. Felice is a woman ahead of her time. Together, they work well together, when given the chance. I liked how they pushed the comfort zones of each other both in and outside of the bedroom.

The mysterious “Miss Proper” added a great depth to the novella, giving both motivations for the characters as well as conflict. Also, the Stanhope family “curse”, where the men are unable to be happy in love, adds a bit of intrigue. Although the curse is played up repeatedly, generally this plot device does not benefit the story much except giving Adam excuses for his bad behavior.

I really enjoyed Lord Stanhope’s Improper Proposal and the novella is everything a great regency romance should be: hot, intriguing, and the epitome of not stuffy. This novella begins a new quintet of stories and I eagerly look forward to the next additions! Definitely give this one a try.

Book Blurb for Lord Stanhope's Improper Proposal

CATEGORY: Historical
ELEMENTS: Adult situations and strong sexual content.
LENGTH: Novella

Lord Adam Stanhope faces the Stanhope Challenge of wanting to marry...and knowing it will be loveless and tormenting. But he takes one look at his childhood friend, now a lovely widow, and proposes a marriage in name only. But when he learns that his bride is determined to be his lover as well as his wife, he faces a bigger challenge: Accept her delicious offer to delight them both in bed or spend his life in a greater torment...alone.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25