The Beach Affair

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The Beach Affair

"The Beach Affair" is a very hot romance and I loved that the author chose to do older man in love with younger man. The dialog was very well done. I love that Cal is a writer and that his friend forced him to go out and relax and have fun. I could not put this book down. I kept wanting to find out what was going to happen. The author, Liza Kay kept the readers on their toes with this story. I loved the whole book and how it was written and the emotions that were in it. I fell in love with all the characters. I also love the title!

Book Blurb for The Beach Affair

Drew is vacationing in sunny California, getting to know a father he hasn’t seen since he was two. Cal—a famous author of best-selling gay detective novels—needs a break from the glittering but cold world of fame that threatens to suffocate him. It’s only a night of fun for Cal when he hooks up with the much younger man who’s ogling him at the bar.

Or is it?

Emotions run wild when Cal has lunch with his best friend Anton and discovers Drew is Anton’s son. Torn between his fear of Anton’s reaction and his growing feelings for a man he’s just met, Cal has to decide whether he wants to give a holiday romance a chance or let it become just a pleasant memory.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50