Deadly Secrets

From the first page until the end you can feel the emotions jumping off the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed the in depth descriptions of small town living and the character descriptions as well. You felt like you were part of this little town cheering on the good guys and getting upset at the bad ones.

Jordan is as strong willed as you can get for a heroine with a huge heart. She would do anything for her friends/family, even if it puts her in a precarious situation. She is trying to get over the mistakes of the past and focus on the present, however life keeps getting in the way. Her probation is almost over and everything that can go wrong is popping up left and right.

Enter Reid, one of the only people to call her on her crap and keep her scrambling on her feet. He is a lawman determined to get to the bottom of a drug dealing ring, no matter who it might expose. Can Reid stop the dealers before things escalate anymore? Can he find out who is making life in this quaint town so miserable for one of their own? You will enjoy finding out and discovering all of the situations going on. Well done to Sarah Barrie for the well written story, it really makes me want to move to the country and find me a cowboy.

Book Blurb for Deadly Secrets

Whoever said small towns have no secrets didn't know about this one...

Born and bred on the land, Jordan Windcroft is tough. She's had to be. Her life revolves around running her property almost single-handedly on next to no money, and waiting out her four years of probation — a rap that she took for one of her closest friends.

But there's an end to her problems in sight. Jordan’s probation period is almost up, and if she can just make the cattle sale, there’s a chance she can pull herself out of more than ten years of serious debt and keep her precious farm. The last thing she needs is for Reid Easton to walk into town.

Detective Senior Sergeant Reid Easton drives into Whitewater Creek on a mission to wrap up a three-year drug investigation; his only lead, Jordan Windcroft. The attraction between the two is immediate, but Reid is undercover and Jordan has a secret she can’t risk him discovering. Neither will jeopardise their cause, not for something as transitory as love.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 3.50