The Return Of Benjamin Quincy

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The Return Of Benjamin Quincy

In The Return of Benjamin Quincy, I didn't like how the character Sydney lets people walk all over her. She's strong in some ways, but not when it matters. She lets her ex-boss Meredith, her mother Lauren, and her ex Ben tell her what to do, and they all guilt her into doing things for them. Some of it is her mother and Meredith wanting Sydney and Ben back together, but I still think it's wrong the way they treat her. She's an adult who is looking for a new start in life and they are all getting in her way.

Ben's daughter Isabel is a shy little thing, but once she gets to know you she opens up. I loved how Sydney treated her and listened to what she had to say. She has a soft spot for Isabel and it was great to see this connection. Working for a newspaper is not fun work for me, but you can tell that Sydney loves it. And, when you think about it, that's all that really matters.

Overall is was an OK read.

Book Blurb for The Return Of Benjamin Quincy

All Benjamin Quincy wants is to make a stable home for his ten year old daughter in the town where he spent his childhood – the same town he later left in bitter disappointment. Young and hot headed, he made a mistake. Eleven years later, he’s a divorced, single dad with a troubled kid, and a lot to make up for.

Sydney Marshall has finally wrangled the perfect job at the most coveted travel magazine in New York. Does she care that her ex-boyfriend has returned to the tiny town of Rosewood with a precious daughter who’s not hers? Does it matter that every time he comes near, her heart flutters madly like in the old days? No! Her bags are packed; plane tickets are stashed in her backpack; the adventure of a lifetime is about to begin.

There’s only one problem. Life and Rosewood insist on interfering with the best laid plans.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 3.50