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Book 2

Mikhail Romanasky sees things-it's a gift that's more like a curse, one that's been in her family for generations. Now, she's seeing the kidnapping of innocent, young children. But with what she's been through at the hands of Chicago's finest, only the thought of a little one coming to harm could possibly get her to talk to the police.

Detective Jenson Palmer has seen plenty, and it's all been very real-no fortuneteller is going to get him to believe in her hocus pocus. With his "prove it" attitude, only the presence of his nephew in Mikhail's visions could possibly get him to pay attention to her warnings.

An unlikely couple, and a sinister conspiracy-not the standard recipe for love. But anything is possible if you Believe.

This story had well-drawn, interesting characters that I found easy to care about. I thought Ms. Keller did a good job of presenting Mikhail's abilities in a thoughtful, believable manner. I got a little impatient with Jenson and his doubts but still liked him (and he came through when it counted). I did feel that the story could have benefited from some "tightening"; there were some plot holes, and a few loose ends I wanted addressed. Those issues didn't keep it from being an enjoyable read, though.

Believe can be read as a stand-alone, but it is the second in a series by jj Keller--the first book is The Watcher (the story of Mikhail's erstwhile "watcher" and her friend Emily). Fans of paranormal romantic suspense should find this book an easy, enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for Believe

Mikhail Romanasky has the gift of second sight. When her latest vision is of a kidnapped child, she reluctantly approaches the Chicago Police Force, endeavoring to prevent the crime.

Detective Jensen Palmer doesn't believe in the ability to foretell the future. But when his nephew is targeted, he is forced to trust his only source of information, the ever-so-attractive Amazing Mikhail. To do his job, his has to believe in the impossible.

Neither is looking for love. Both are looking for a criminal.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50