Truly Madly

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Truly Madly

Isabelle Connelly knew what the townspeople were saying about her parent's murder/suicide and the mental instability that ran in her family. She had settled their estate and should leave the past behind, but something still kept her around. Isabelle wondered why.

As she battles her feelings for the man who shattered her heart years ago, she becomes a suspect in a murder and a mysterious house fire. Soon it appears Isabelle may become the next victim.

Alicia Dean has written a poignant short suspense revealing the seamier side of living in a small town. Truly Madly's plot and good pacing draws the reader into Isabelle's emotional struggle from spending a year shunned by those in her hometown. This who-done-it moves swiftly to a surprising, and satisfying, end.

Book Blurb for Truly Madly

A broken heart drove her away--a family tragedy brought her back.

After her parents' murder/suicide, Isabelle Connelly returns to her home town to settle their estate. But a year later, with her business concluded, Isabelle still hasn't left, even though she has every reason to. The townspeople shun her because of her family's history of mental instability, she hasn't gotten over her feelings for the man who shattered her heart, and now she's a suspect in a murder and mysterious house fire.

Someone is out to frame Isabelle for the crimes. Failing that, it appears they plan to make Isabelle their next victim.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.00