Deliver Me

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Deliver Me

When Maddy Winslow finds a wounded escaped convict in her barn who insists he is innocent, she believes him. Hiding him in a cubby that had once held runaway slaves, Maddy lies to the local Marshall when he comes looking.

Judson Burke is grateful to Maddy for trusting him and for nursing him back to health, but once he feels better he decides to return to the scene of the crime in order to prove his innocence.

Maddy has come to care for Jud, and, knowing there is a multi-state manhunt, she pleads with him to run the other way. When Maddy can't dissuade him, she joins him. Jud hates the idea, but is stuck with her. They move about as a couple in disguise, but that doesn't fool the law for long and the pair find themselves on the run.

While Jud urges Maddy to return home, she stubbornly hangs around doing her fair share of sleuthing. Together the pair get into there fair share of messes, the most dramatic of which forces them into marriage. While they don't consumate the marriage, Maddy warms to the idea of Jud as her husband.

Jud on the other hand has no intention of ruining Maddy's life by linking her to a convict.

What will happen when Maddy and Jud discover the real killer, and how will Judd be able to convince anyone of the truth?

Deliver Me was a fun, passionate, engaging whodunit with a strong, stubborn heroine. I was quickly drawn in and liked both the lead characters. I felt the writing could have been tighter and would have preferred no foreshadowing with mystical men and cards. But overall, it was an interesting, worthwhile story.

Book Blurb for Deliver Me


Raised on a small Arkansas farm, Maddy Winslow craves excitement, but an escaped convict seeking shelter in her barn is more adventure than she bargained for. Determined to help the brooding stranger clear his name, Maddy impulsively joins Judson Burke on a dangerous journey to his Texas home — and finds herself the victim of relentless passion…


When the prison wagon transporting Judson crashes, he flees, praying for a chance to prove his innocence in his wife's murder. Betrayed by his past desire, all Jud wants now is his freedom — until his beautiful traveling companion convinces him that love is the only thing worth fighting for…

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2011 4.25