Sunset Surrender

Harlequin Desire, #2205

Sunset Surrender by Charlene Sands is the first book in her Rich Rugged Ranchers storyline for Harlequin Desire.

Charlene does a great job of having her characters deal with family baggage as Logan and Sophia are dealing with the consequences of their parent’s choices. When Sophia returns to town, everyone is forced to decide if they want to move towards a positive future or stay bitter about the past. Like most past trauma, there are many sides to the issue and the story is revealed in emotional layers that will keep the readers turning the pages.

Readers can certainly understand his hard feelings and why he is mean to her, on so many occasions, but the author needed about 10 more pages of graveling or something to level the playing field for readers to be as forgiving as Sophia. Still, Charlene Sands is a talented writer and was able to pack her pages with a lot of emotional depth to her characters. I’m hoping Charlene will be able to continue the family’s saga as I can't wait to read Luke's story.

Book Blurb for Sunset Surrender

"You don't belong here, Sophia."

Sophia Montrose is no stranger to Sunset Ranch. Not after the scorching kiss Logan Slade once shared with the alluring Spanish beauty in high school. Now she's back—to claim a share of his family's Nevada spread. Logan wants to hate her. After all, she's a Montrose.

Sophia hasn't forgotten that stolen moment with Logan—even if it was part of a cruel bet. Fifteen years later, she's staring into the rugged cowboy's cold black eyes…and determined to stand her ground. But will she lose her footing in the quicksand of their unquenchable love-hate passion?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00