A Match Made in Mistletoe

A Regency Novella

A Match Made in Mistletoe is this year’s Holiday Novella from the talented Anna Campbell. She is one of my favorite historical authors because she writes such charming stories. The heroines are always kind but they also have an inner strength that is not often found in historical novels. Plus, there is always such huge heart on the pages of her novellas.

In this story, hanging mistletoe starts off the festive season and complicates matters when our heroine, Serena, finds herself the object of two suitors; the man she has dreamt of marrying since she was a little girl and his best friend that just recently caught her eye. She has a tough choice because both men will appeal to readers.

My complaint is always the same. I wish the novella was a full-length story so I could love these characters even more. However, if you are looking for a quick read that can still pull at your heartstrings, you need not look any further than the amazing Anna Campbell.

Book Blurb for A Match Made in Mistletoe

A mistletoe wish…

All her life, Serena Talbot has been in love with the handsome boy next door, Sir Paul Garside. She always eagerly looks forward to Paul’s visit to her family over the Festive Season, even if he usually brings along his dark, sardonic friend Lord Hallam. This year, Serena is determined that Paul’s kiss under the mistletoe will lead to a proposal. Even if she has to enlist every ounce of Christmas magic she can get her hands on to make that happen.

But the mistletoe gets it wrong!

When Serena slips a sprig of mistletoe from the village kissing bough under her pillow, it’s not Paul who turns up in her dreams as the man she’s going to marry, but brooding, intense, annoying Giles Farraday, Marquess of Hallam. Still more annoying, once everyone arrives for the annual Christmas house party, she can’t stop watching Giles, and thinking about Giles. And kissing Giles, whether there’s mistletoe about or not. Now Paul wants to marry her, and Giles wants to seduce her–and Serena has a bone to pick with the old wives who came up with all this superstitious nonsense in the first place.

A Christmas of confusion lies ahead! Will mistletoe magic lead the way to a happy ending?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2017 4.00