Vexing the Viscount

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Vexing the Viscount

Emily Bryan aka Mia Marlowe has done it yet again. Vexing the Viscount is a grand romp that anyone that loves a fun romance will not want to miss! Daisy Drake is not your conventional young English Miss, and after all who would be when one was raised by Pirates! Now if that alone doesn’t wet your appetite, throw in the hunt for a an ancient Roman treasure and a masquerade as a famous French Courtesan, and a darkly handsome Viscount and how could one possibly pass this one up?

The novel starts out with Daisy at the Society of Antiquaries viewing some very questionable Roman art and household items…. Daisy has longed to become a part of the Society of Antiquaries, but in a society where females are still thought to be to fragile and of delicate sensibility, she has been turned down countless times.

But this outspoken and feisty young lady is not one to take no for an answer. And when she inadvertently bumps into a very grown up Viscount Lucien Beaumont (whom she has had a secret longing for since they were children) events are set into motion that will change both of their lives forever. 

Lucien has come to the Society to seek investors for an excavation of ancient Roman artifacts from a site found on his estate of Montford. After finding a tablet divulging the partial details of a lost treasure stolen by Caius Meritus when the Roman’s still inhabited Britian in 405 A.D. The treasure is just the miracle that Lucien has been wishing for as it would enable him to restore the estates of Montford and all of his and his Father’s holdings back to their former glory. And he hopes bring his Father out of the doldrums that have all but devoured the man he once knew since a precipitous and disastrous business venture ruined his good name and holdings many years before. But when Lucien is laughed out of the room by the high standing Society of Antiquaries members he fears that his dreams may remain that nothing more than dreams… however fate and Daisy Drake have other things in mind. Overhearing the details about the lost Roman horde Daisy is enchanted with the idea of the adventure in searching once again for lost treasure. Not to mention doing so would mean being able to do so with the very handsome and aloof Lucien. But Lucien is less than excited about having Daisy as a partner for his treasure hunt. So what is a girl to do? Daisy who is staying with her great Aunt Isabella Haversham (who was once the famous and infamous courtesan La Belle Wren) soon hatches an plan that would let her not only finance Lucian’s venture but have him hopefully enchanted and hot after her person as well… Daisy with the help of Isabella and her maidservant Nanette transforms herself into the guise of a very rich and Famous French Courtesan Mademoiselle Blanche La Tour. Lucien may not want Daisy’s money and help but he is positively ecstatic and lust filled over Blanche! Can Daisy keep her double identity a secret? Will she and Lucien uncover the lost treasure? (And I don’t want to forget to mention that Lucien’s Father loathes all the Drakes - Daisy included for a past transgression that he sees as unforgiveable) So with all the strikes against them could Daisy and Lucien find that true love is the greatest treasure of all? Or will their adventure end with the downfall of them both?

I won’t give away more details you will simply have to pick up this wonderful novel to hear more but believe you me this one is simply too delicious to miss! Fun, fresh, romantic, passion filled and yes even adventurous this one has it all. Emily Bryan pens outstanding romances that are far from the norm and leave you longing for more. I didn’t want this one to end and I can’t wait to get my hands on her next novel. She has fast moved her way up my list of favorite authors and once you read her books I am positive that she will on be on yours as well!

Book Blurb for Vexing the Viscount

Daisy Drake is leading a double life! By day, she's Lucian Beaumont's unwanted assistant and by night, she masquerades as the masked courtesan, Blanche La Tour, a Frenchwoman who agreed to give Lucian lessons in sensual love!

There's only one problem. Daisy speaks fluent French and can read ancient Latin without moving her lips, but she doesn't know the first thing about the pleasures of the flesh!

Good thing she has the real Blanch La Tour's very explicit memoirs for guidance.

Lucian Beaumont, Viscount Rutland, longs to see his family's standing returned to its glory days, before his father lost their fortune. And he thinks he can manage it, if he can only discover the hiding place of an ancient Roman payroll.

Daisy never forgot her girlhood fascination with Lucian, even though his father has a score to settle with her uncle. Now that they're all grown up, she's determined to help the viscount find his Roman treasure.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.75