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Ashley Hunt is part human and vampire, living on her own trying to survive in this crazy world. Ashley lost her mother at a young age to a rogue vampire and she has been trying to hunt down rogue vampires ever since. One day, Ashley is hired by Dr. Abel from the Center of Paranormal Research to track down a murderous telepath, Nathan Blaine, that has been killing innocent people. This assignment is perfect for Ashley because she needs the money, but she also gets a partner in the process. Will Connor, is also a telepath, and is able to connect with Blaine’s victims, but has been unable to save them in time. Will and Ashley are instantly drawn to one another during this assignment, but Ashley tries to keep him at a distance. Ashley has been claimed by Victor, the most powerful vampire in the city, as his mate even though Ashley wants nothing to do with him. Victor has been following Ashley since she has been a teenager and will destroy any man that tries to get close to her. Will slowly falls in love with Ashley and is willing to do anything to save her from Victor, even if it means fighting Victor to the death so he will release his claim on Ashley. They only have to survive this assignment first.

The thing that I loved about this story and the strong character of Ashley was that she had a purpose in life. Being half human and vampire and not having any friends or family to count on would have caused a lesser person to crumble. Instead, Ashley made it a point to chase down and assassinate rogue vampires, even if it put her own life in jeopardy. When Will and Ashley find each other, he was willing to do anything to be with her because they were both kindred spirits. They each had their own emotional baggage and guilt over past events so they just seemed to fit together. Even when Will saw Ashley at her worst, it didn’t scare him away or stop him from loving her. It just made him want to be with her more since he had a dark side to his personality as well. I enjoyed Will and Ashley’s story very much and I could see these characters being a part of a future series.

Book Blurb for Unclaimed

When Ashley’s first boyfriend found out she was a vampire, he tried to kill her. Since then, she’s avoided relationships. Now Victor, the most powerful vampire in Chicago, has decided to claim Ashley as his mate, and he won’t take no for an answer. Between fending off Victor’s advances, waiting tables at an all-night diner and keeping her refrigerator stocked with blood, she's about to implode from sheer stress.

Then she accepts a job from the CPRI (Center for Paranormal Research and Investigation) and finds herself partnered with Will Connor, a young telepath. Ashley is immediately attracted to Will, but tells herself that she won’t let this become more than friendship. Loving humans is too dangerous. But as they work together to track down a psychic serial killer, her resolve weakens. Will makes her feel like a normal person, not a monster. Behind his blue eyes lies a pain as deep as her own, and an understanding of what it’s like to grow up different from everyone else. He also has the tastiest looking neck she’s ever seen.

When Victor finds out Ashley’s been sleeping with a human, he challenges Will to a duel…to the death. Ashley knows there’s no way Will can win against such a powerful vampire. Will is doomed—unless Ashley can kill Victor first.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 4.25